Infortrend Scale-out NAS Supports Copy Data Management for Backing Up and Archiving of Production Data

Scale-out NAS Supports Copy Data Management

Taipei, Taiwan, 22 September 2020, -  Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, offers EonStor CS scale-out NAS solution (CS) with Copy Data Management (CDM) software integration for quick and easy backup and archiving of large volumes of enterprises’ on-premises production data.  

CS is a highly scalable enterprise NAS solution offering both scale-out and scale-up expandability for large capacity and high system availability to ensure business continuity. As nowadays enterprise IT develop in line with such trends as a software-defined data center, it is of crucial importance for enterprises to overcome legacy IT bottlenecks by deploying storage with an easy-to-use software for data management and backup of tremendous quantities of enterprise data. To satisfy these requirements, CS now supports CDM software, including Rubrik’s CDM platform, for easy backup of enterprise production data to CS scale-out cluster system. CS’ capacity can be expanded by demand to 100+ PB for archiving big data produced by various enterprise applications.

Enterprises can configure the backup frequency and effortlessly replicate on-premises data. All data, i.e. entire virtual machines, applications, or a single file, is available for predictive search, recovery, analytics, and test/dev. To ensure end-to-end security, data is encrypted throughout its entire lifecycle: in-flight and at-rest. What is especially valuable for mission-critical applications, enterprises can overcome disasters or ransomware by recovering data from immutable copies in minutes.

“With CS support of Copy Data Management, enterprises can just in a few minutes back up, archive, and restore damaged documents and applications. As a result, management overheads are greatly reduced, enterprises become more agile and have more time for their projects,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning.

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