GS 3000 GS 4000
Position High performance for business growth High performance for IT flexibilty
Disk Interface 12Gb/s SAS
Block-level IOPS (Read) 450K
Block-level MB/s (R/W) 11000 / 6400 11000 / 6400
Max RAM 256GB
Max Data Ports 24 32
Host Board Per Controller 2
Max Drives 900 864
(2.5") SAS models 2U 24-bay  GS 3024B
2U 25-bay  GS 3025B
2U 24-bay  GS 4024B
(3.5") SAS models 2U 12-bay  GS 3012
3U 16-bay  GS 3016
4U 24-bay  GS 3024
4U 60-bay  GS 3060
3U 16-bay  GS 4016
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