Financial Services
Super speed and system efficiency with high availability for user-sensitive applications

As information load of banks and insurance increases, financial institutes require more robust storage solutions to access and store such critical data. Infortrend storage systems provide reliable solutions with super fast response times, massive capacity and powerful protection to keep data available all the time.

All Flash Accelerates Application Response Time (EonStor GS 3025A)
  • Lightning speed 700K IOPS with less than 0.5 ms response time to accelerate transaction-intensive applications such as OLTP, database, and virtualization
  • Ideal backup target for frequently-changing data to decrease backup windows

SSD Optimized with Massive Capacity (EonStor DS 4000)
  • Hybrid storage improves storage performance, reduces storage footprint, and allows for greater storage utilization
  • SSD cache and Automated Storage Tiering provide the speed and efficiency needed to run database and VDI
  • Maximum capacity of 4PB to store increasing customer information and other versatile services

Seamless Privacy with IDR and SED
  • Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) ensures disk protection against malfunction and data loss, prevents performance impact from rebuild, and ensure quality of online service
  • Self-encrypting drive (SED) guarantees sensitive information privacy to avoid the negative consequences of data breach caused by disk loss
Recommended Products
EonStor GS 3025A
  • Enterprise-class SAS SSDs are best-suited to transaction-intensive applications.
  • Maximum700K IOPS for reads and less than 0.5 ms response time, sustaining responsive online service to refine customer experience.
  • Supports massive data capacity up to 1.4PB with 375 SAS SSDs.
EonStor DS 4000 Series
  • Automated Storage Tiering and SSD cache optimized for both sufficient capacity and moderate performance.
  • Supports massive data capacity up to 4PB with 444 SAS HDDs, providing sufficient capacity for backup.
  • Supports SED drive for seamless privacy.
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