User-friendly management tool for Infortrend storage systems

SANWatch, Infortrend's storage management suite, enables users to discover, configure, administer and monitor ESVA, EonStor DS and EonStor storage solutions with the help of a user-friendly GUI. SANWatch provides management functions for EonPath, virtualization, local and remote replication and more data service features. With SANWatch, storage can be managed easily, and all data protection and high-availability features can be accessed through a single interface.

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Freatures Benefits
Complete centralized management
  • Automatically discovers and monitors ESVA, EonStor DS and EonStor systems
  • Clearly displays system status for better storage planning and utilization
Easy system monitoring and configuration Discover, monitor, save/restore, configure and upgrade firmware via user-friendly tools to simplify management, save time and reduce errors
Disk performance monitor and management Oversees each physical disk drive and provides early warning of potential problems to help ensure consistently high performance
Data service management support Provides management interface for data services, such as virtualization, snapshot, volume copy/mirror and remote replication

* For data service details, please refer to individual product pages.

Notification service Automatically displays and sends notifications of critical system status changes and events for pro-active administrative action
Multi-pathing (EonPath) Multi-pathing module provides path redundancy and load balancing

* models very by region

EonStor DS

Complete storage solutions delivering excellent price-performance ratios and advanced data protection

DS 1012
DS 1016
DS 1024
DS 1024B
DS 1036B
DS 2012
DS 2016
DS 2024
DS 2024B
DS 3012
DS 3016
DS 3024
DS 3024B
DS 3048
DS 3060
DS 4016
DS 4024B
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