Surveillance and Physical Security

Surveillance Solutions for Small to Large-Scale Deployments

Public concern over security in recent years has driven the demand for video surveillance. The advances in video surveillance technologies result in a massive increase of video data which require better storage infrastructures.

Tremendous Capacity, Excellent Price Performance, and Robust Data Protection

Infortrend provides comprehensive surveillance solution portfolio designed to meet the demands from small to large-scale deployments.

Infortrend Surveillance Solutions
Infortrend Surveillance Solution Advantages
  • Capacity Scalability
    Surveillance is a capacity-hungry application. Infortrend storages support PB level capacity
  • High Availability
    Surveillance is a 7/24 non-stoppable operation. Infortrend provides no single point of failure solution
  • Low Cost Capacity
    Surveillance requires high cost-efficientcy .Infortrend supports high capacity SAS/SATA HDD and high-density 4U/60 expansion enclosures

Excellent Surveillance Storage Choices for Every Deployment

Robust SAN / NAS Storage Solution (570+ IP Cameras)
EonStor GS & EonStor DS
EonStor GS / DS Family
  • Massive Capacity - Maximum 1,792 drives and more than 21.5 PB raw capacity
  • High Availability - Dual controllers, PSUs, and FANs with failover design
  • VMS Solution Validation - Verified with Milestone XProtect® with complete test report
  • Backup Solution - Automatic LUN Mapping with Infortrend remote replication
Integrated Storage + Server Solution (64 – 570 IP Cameras)
EonServ Family
  • Verified Performance
    • EonServ 7000 supports up to 570*CH 3MP camera recordings and over 3,500 Mbps throughput
    • EonServ 5000 supports up to 150*CH 3MP camera recordings and over 2,000 Mbps throughput
    • Both EonServ 7000 and 5000 series exceed Milestone’s benchmark, and allows large number of cameras to record and be viewed reliably
  • VMS Solution Validation
    • Verified with Milestone VMS with complete test report
    • Tested with Genetec, and Digifort
EonServ Family
SMB NAS Surveillance Solution (4 – 64 IP Cameras)
EonStor GSe Pro
  • Tremendous Capacity - Maximum 448 drives and more than 5.3PB raw capacity
  • Easy Management - Integrated RAID storage and NVR in a single unit
  • High Compatibility NVR solution - Optional NVR supports more than 20 brands and 800 type of IP cameras
Integrated Storage + Server Solution

Customer Success Stories
Infortrend x Seoul Gwanak-Gu District
The Office of Gwanak-Gu, second most populated district of Seoul
  • Limited rack space
  • Storage bay connection cable complexity
  • Reliable data store in virtualization
  • Support for 24/7 non-stop surveillance operation
Infortrend x National Immigration Agency (NIA)
Taiwan National Immigration Agency (NIA)
Large capacity, cost-effective, rugged solutions for digital recording system on a tight budget


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