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All the support you need – right here

Infortrend is always ready to provide you with the best support and advice, covering our EonStor GS, EonStor GSe and EonStor DS families, as well as general storage-related enquiries. Storage is everything to us and we know how crucial it is for you. To offer fast and in-depth assistance, we’ve developed Infortrend Service Center to ensure you get the answers you need on time, as well as expedite formal support for quick resolution of technical issues. We’re here to help.


Infortrend Service Center

Open new support tickets for all Infortrend products, access the latest firmware and software updates, plus product manuals and technical documents. Infortrend Service Center and serves as a convenient depository for a wealth of info. It also helps you contact our dedicated support teams.

Infortrend Service Center


Problems accessing Infortrend Service Center? Please contact us directly at tsd@infortrend.com for assistance.