Infortrend Expands NVMe Hybrid Flash Storage Lineup with High-Capacity 4U48 Models, Reducing Management Complexity and Operation Costs

Infortrend Expands NVMe All-Flash Storage Lineup with High-Capacity 4U48 Models

Taipei, Taiwan, July 5, 2023, -  Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, has announced their first 4U 48-bay models as an expansion to their EonStor GS U.2 NVMe hybrid flash storage systems. The new solutions offer greater storage capacity for businesses to consolidate their storage hardware infrastructure while reducing management complexity, and are ideal for data-intensive applications such as VMware and VDI.

With most NVMe hybrid flash storage systems on the market available in the 2U form factor, Infortrend breaks through with 4U48 solutions that support PCIe Gen4 U.2 NVMe SSDs to offer up to 700TB of storage capacity in one appliance. The systems come in dual-controller configurations, and can be coupled with the 100GbE host interface to deliver up to 1.1M IOPS, 24GB/s read and 12GB/s write throughput performances.

One benefit of the 4U48 solutions is minimizing hardware, where one 4U48 is the equivalent to two 2U systems. Deployment-wise, this means fewer cables, switches, peripherals, and less power consumption, which can dramatically reduce operation costs. Additionally, administrators can manage fewer storage systems with 4U48, which enhances storage maintenance efficiency by reducing management burdens.

The new solutions, available in two models - GS 4048U and GS 3048UT, support 48 PCIe Gen4 U.2 NVMe SSDs in one appliance and the 100GbE host interface, making them ideal for data-intensive applications such as VMware, HPC, multimedia and entertainment, and VDI, as well as workloads requiring high IOPS and low latency.

"The launch of the EonStor GS U.2 NVMe hybrid flash 4U 48-bay storage system is a significant milestone. By breaking through the 2U form factor, our new storage  provides customers with a cost-effective, high-capacity, hybrid flash, and easy-to-manage solution that will transform their data storage capabilities while saving operating costs," said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend Technology.

Learn more about EonStor GS, GS 4048U, and GS 3048UT

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