Infortrend Expands High Density Storage Solutions with 4U 90-Bay Design

Unlock Massive Capacity with 4U 90 High-Density Storage Solutions

Taipei, Taiwan, April 18, 2023, - Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE: 2495), the industry-leading enterprise storage provider, announces their first 4U 90-bay storage design on EonStor GS G3 unified storage and JBOD series, offering 50% more capacity than a 4U 60-bay data storage.

With ever-growing digital contents, finding ways to add storage capacity into current operating space has been a dilemma for enterprises today. Geared to address the issues, Infortrend introduces their GS 4U 90-bay unified storage solution and JBOD 4U 90-bay that offer reduced total cost of ownership with high density, high storage capacity, and minimum space occupancy. In a 4U 90-bay form factor, the disk drives can provide up to 1.8PB of data storage, and when coupled with a 4U 90-bay JBOD, the data storage capacity doubles to 3.6PB while taking up only 8U rack mount space. In all, the solution is capable of scaling up and out to more than 70PB of storage capacity.

The GS 4U 90-bay solutions feature redundant dual controller configuration supporting 100GbE remote direct memory access (RDMA) with up to 12GB/s write throughout performance per port. To optimize performance and storage capacity, the system can leverage four low latency U.2 NVMe SSDs as cache to improve its IOPS by storing frequently accessed data in the SSD, dramatically boosting the read and write performance.

The GS series offers a variety of high-density storage solutions to meet diverse needs for capacity and performance. In addition to the latest 4U 90-bay storage, the series also provides 4U 40/60-bay solutions to complement various applications, such as high-performance computing (HPC), as well as 4K/8K post-production workloads.

“High-density storage is an effective solution for modern enterprises to tackle the challenges of storing large amounts of files and managing data growth, offering benefits such as saving data center space and reducing costs,” said Frank Lee, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.


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