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EonStor CS

Infortrend Technology is a pure-play Enterprise Data Storage solution provider for over 25 years. We provide high availability network storages with comprehensive product portfolios, including redundant NAS, unified storage, scale-out NAS, and all-flash NAS to meet various customer requirements.

All comes with redundancy design
Simultaneously performs block level, file level and Cloud storage in one box
Rich data service features for complete data protection
Flexible and comprehensive host interfaces to meet any network environments
Unprecedented performance for up to 10GB/s CIFS throughput

Complete Network Storage Solutions

Redundant NAS

Infortrend's redundant NAS provides a storage space for users to share, store, and back up large amounts of enterprise data. To ensure non-stop services, the redundant NAS adopts cable-less and modular design, allows you to maintain the system without operation interruption. The redundant key components, such as controllers and power supplies further guarantee the high system availability, which is a reliable solution for your businesses.
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Scale-out NAS

The EonStor CS scale-out is a highly scalable storage system. By adding more CS units (nodes), you get a cluster system with up to 100+ GBps Read/Write speed and more than 100PB capacity. EonStor CS is designed with multi-layer data protection on hard disks, node, and cluster levels. If any of the elements fails, the data will be protected, while, the system performance remain unaffected. The CS scale-out NAS offers an easier and more cost-effective way of managing growing data in the agile enterprises.
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Unified Storage

Infortrend’s unified storage provides comprehensive solutions integrating SAN, NAS and object storage as well as Cloud Gateway features to offer a powerful hybrid cloud environment. Designed with the latest Intel’s CPU, it offers unprecedented advantages in flexibility and performance (10/5.5 GB/s read/write speed). The unified storage also offers rich data services, All flash/hybrid disk configuration, dual host board, cableless modular structure, and data protection functions. With multiple form factors and host boards to choose from, you can find the perfect-fit solution according to your performance and budget needs.
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All-flash NAS

Infortrend all-flash storage is designed to deliver optimal SSD performance with low latency, extend SSD lifespan, and wider product selections in terms of performance, connectivity. The all-flash system can handle large amounts of I/O, high amount of file transfer under high workloads, and can reach more than 700K IOPS for random reads with a response time of less than 0.5 milliseconds. We also provide all-flash scale-out NAS model, which allow users to store hot data in the all-flash pools and cold data in all-HDD pools to maximize system efficiency, while leveraging the high capacity of HDD storage.
All-Flash storage
All-Flash Scale-Out NAS

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