Buy an EonStor GS / GSe / CS U.2 Product Get Software License for Free

Infortrend U.2 NVMe all-flash storage solutions have empowered enterprises’ storage systems with high performance. In celebration of the releases of new U.2 models, here is a great opportunity to enjoy the U.2 solutions with higher value.

Now through to the end of 2022, you can purchase any U.2 model of GS/ GSe/ CS families and get the following software licenses for free.

Don’t miss the chance to save budgets and enjoy higher storage efficiency, increased flexibility, and better data protection!


Software License for Free

GS/GSe License

EonStor GS/GSe File Scale-out License

CS License

Auto Tiering
EonStor CS Automated Tiering License for G model (single node)

Advanced SSD Cache
EonStor CS Advanced SSD Cache License for G model (single node)

Advanced DNS Load Balance
EonStor CS Advanced DNS Load Balance License for G model (single node)

Data Lock
EonStor CS Data Lock License for G model (single node)


Applicable Products

EonStor GS U.2 Series
EonStor GS U.2 Series
Scale-out Unified Storage with High Availability for Enterprises
Learn More
EonStor GSe U.2 Series
EonStor GSe U.2 Series
Scale-out Unified Storage for SMB
Learn More
EonStor CS 4014UG
EonStor CS 4014UG
Scale-out NAS with High Performance and Scalability
Learn More

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This offer is available in America, most countries/regions in Asia and Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa. You can check if the offer is available in your country/region.

If you can’t find your region, please check with your local sales representatives.

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