1. Recognized in 2015-2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant
  2. DS 4024B ranked #1 in the SPC-2 results-best price-performance
  3. Launched All Flash Array and GSe Pro storage families


  1. Infortrend launches cloud-integrated unified storage EonStor GS family
  2. Infortrend introduces EonStor GSe family to the SMB market
  3. Infortrend EonStor GS wins Storage Magazine's “Disk/Hybrid Product of the Year” award


  1. EonStor DS 4000 is awarded Storage Magazine’s “Disk Based Product of The Year: Small/Mid Range”
  2. EonStor DS 3024B ranked #1 in the SPC-1 results for having the best IOPS per dollar ratio
  3. IT Pro gives the small form factor EonStor DS 1024B a 5-star review, proclaiming it “re-invents storage for SMBs”


  1. EonStor DS 1000 series with affordable price and enterprise features, featuring modular hardware design 
  2. Infortrend EonStor DS 3024RTEB scores a 5-star review, as recommended by leading UK tech site IT Pro


  1. Introduced the high availability EonNAS 3000 series with  active-active redundant controllers
  2. Launched future-proof EonStor DS 3000 systems, featuring modular hardware design


  1. Infortrend listed in Everything Channel's CRN Data Center 100 for the second year running
  2. Infortrend launches two new product lines: EonNAS Pro and EonNAS 1000 Series
  3. Infortrend EonStor DS Family now available in high-density 48-bay solutions


  1. Infortrend introduces automated storage tiering technology on the mid-range ESVA solution
  2. Infortrend launches ESVA Cluster File System for media/entertainment and HPC applications
  3. Infortrend listed in Everything Channel's CRN Data Center 100, a select group of technology vendors powering datacenters


  1. Infortrend introduces the EonNAS family, an advanced unified storage solution
  2. Infortrend introduces the EonStor DS product line
  3. Infortrend achieves superior SPC-1 benchmark results for mid-range ESVA solution
  4. Network Products Guide names the ESVA F60 Fibre Channel storage solution a winner of the 2010 Best Products and Services Award.
  5. Infortrend CTO, Michael Schnapp, selected by Everything Channel's CRN as one of the publication's 'Storage Superstars' of 2010


  1. Introduces the ESVA ( Enterprise Scalable Virtualized Architecture), a revolutionary SAN storage architecture
  2. ESVA wins 'Best Choice' award during Computex Taipei, the second largest computer show in the world
  3. Announces new "EonStor Plus" subsystem and disk drive bundle service
  4. Supports Solid-State Drive (SSD) for its storage subsystems
  5. Rolls out 8G Fibre Channel storage subsystems to address demanding performance needs of data center


  1. Celebrated 15th anniversary with various online events
  2. Announced first SAS-host, 24-bay RAID subsystem
  3. Released first SAS-host, desktop RAID subsystem
  4. Awarded "Best-Choice of Computex 2008" with B12-series RAID subsystem
  5. Passed Windows Sever 2008 Certification and became Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  6. Launched enhanced SANWatch 1.2 to further simplify storage configuration and management
  7. Passed VMware Hardware Certification Program for Fibre - host and iSCSI-host RAID subsystem
  8. Announced first high-performance iSCSI-host RAID subsystem providing 8 host ports
  9. Released "Dynamic LD Assignment" technology to maintain high performance during data path failure


  1. Announced world's first external RAID subsystems using 2.5-inch SFF drives
  2. Released SANWatch, a powerful Java-based GUI RAID management software suite, provides Snapshot feature for data protection
  3. Introduced world's first SAS-to-SATA product line
  4. Devised friendly GUI for EonPath
  5. Introduced flexible, powerful Fibre-to-Fibre RAID controller that supports both 4G-FC SBODs and SAS JBODs
  6. Launched Infortrend's first SAS-to-SAS RAID subsystem


  1. Introduced the ASIC400 XOR engine
  2. Announced EonPath multipathing software
  3. Released Infortrend's first 1U/4-bay RAID subsystem
  4. EonStor RAID subsystem qualified for Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  5. Certified for ISO 14001:2004


  1. Introduced market's first SAS RAID subsystem
  2. Expanded manufacturing space and facility
  3. Released Infortrend's first FC-4G to SATA-II RAID subsystem
  4. Infortrend certified for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996


  1. 2TB LUN support for large capacity arrays
  2. Introduced 8-bay tower/desktop convertible SATA-II RAID subsystem
  3. Announced Virtual Disk Service support for Windows Server 2003


  1. First to ship redundant SATA RAID subsystem
  2. First to ship native SATA 16-bay subsystem
  3. EonStor high capacity subsystem series debuts


  1. Infortrend Technology announces IPO on the Taiwan Stock Exchange


  1. Released Infortrend's first redundant controller design


  1. First IDE (ATA) RAID subsystem
  2. Released RAIDWatch, a Java-based GUI RAID manager
  3. Launched 64-bit RAID controllers
  4. Infortrend certified for ISO 9001:1996


  1. First hot-swappable SCSI controllers


  1. Launched external SCSI RAID controllers


  1. Began shipping PCI-to-SCSI controllers
  2. Released Infortrend Text RAID Manager


  1. Launched SCSI-to-SCSI RAID controllers


  1. First EISA-to-SCSI RAID controllers shipped 

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