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Infortrend works closely with key industry leaders to deliver integrated storage solutions that offer users rapid deployment, high performance, easy management and maximum return on investment (ROI). Thanks to extensive compatibility testing, certification, and collaborative product design, Infortrend can assure that our solutions are fully interoperable.

For more information on our technology partners and the certifications we have with each of them, please click on the company’s icon below.


Technology partners cooperate with Infortrend on certifying and integrating products and solutions. These alliances ensure and empower storage innovation and provide customers access to the latest standards with utmost compatibility.

Strategic partners and Infortrend complement their respective products with channel alliances. Partners provide their customers with Infortrend storage solutions and Infortrend optimizes its technology for products made by strategic partners, leading to greater profitability and more importantly better value for customers.

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