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Backup & Disaster Recovery


Data Backup & Restore to Ensure Business Continuity

System crash, human error, hackers, viruses and even physical disasters happen unexpectedly. In view of this, data backup is crucial for critical data security and business continuity. General practices of data backup include storing data as addition copy or the take snapshot to restore the data in case of faulty deletion or accidents. Infortrend storage systems feature comprehensive backup methods to protect your data, and also supports popular third-party software, such as Veeam, to optimize enterprise backup.


Comprehensive Solutions

Infortrend offers comprehensive storage solutions for today’s enterprise backup requirements. Whether it’s block or file level environments, or if it demands PB+ level capacity, you can find the fit solution for your businesses from our offering of EonStor DS SAN storage, GS unified storage, and CS scale-out shared storage. In addition, Infortrend storage supports local, remote, and cloud backup to protect your data around the clock.

Local Backup

A. Snapshot

A snapshot is a set of reference markers for data at a particular point in time and provides the user with accessible copies of data that they can roll back to. It supports local backup scheduling and image rollback functions to make sure data recovery from unintended deletion or a disaster.

Local Backup - Snapshot

B. Local Replication

Local replication creates full data copies within a single storage system in synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous (by schedule) mode. It can prevent volume corrupt due to the multiple disks failure.

Local Backup - Local Replication

Remote Backup

A. Volume Remote Replication

Volume (block-level) remote replication creates full data copies across storage systems in synchronous or asynchronous mode. It can prevent production downtime caused by local site storage failure. Moreover, it can recover volume automatically if any unexpected event occurs to the local site.

Remote Backup - Volume Remote Replication

B. Folder Remote Replication (Rsync)

Rsync provides folder to folder’s remote file-level data backup in asynchronous mode. It can not only prevent production down time caused by local site storage failure, but also duplicate the folder access control list (ACL) of the files.

Remote Backup - Folder Remote Replication (Rsync)

Cloud Backup

Infortrend GS supports EonCloud Gateway, which allow data backup to popular cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Swift, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Baidu Cloud. With the cloud backup, data won’t be affected by any physical disaster. The benefits include convenient deployment since no physical infrastructure is required, and easy data recovery with cloud folder/volume, if any unexpected event occurs to the local side.

Cloud Backup - EonCloud Gateway

Server Backup with 3rd Party Software

A backup server is a dedicated server that enables the backup and retrieval of enterprise data, files, or databases. To optimize the backup process, Infortrend storage has been tested and verified with popular third-party backup software such as Commvault, and Veeam. For example, EonStor GS, DS, and CS have achieved Veeam Ready Repository classification by exceeding its performance requirements, providing enterprises with powerful and flexible backup storage options.

Server Backup with 3rdParty Software

Related Products

Product Portfolio at a Glance

Infortrend’s enterprise storage systems deliver excellent backup performance for businesses of all scales:

  • EonStor GS unified storage supports SAN/NAS/Cloud integration, which makes it suitable for various infrastructures and backup plans. The new EonStor U.2 series supports U.2 NVMe SSD, which can perfectly meet the performance requirement of online backup; the new EonStor SAS HDD G3 series delivers high write throughput as well as large capacity, providing more than 50PB storage capacity via scale-out and scale-up.
  • EonStor DS high availability SAN storage supports up to 448 disks, reaching more than 5PB capacity for small- and medium-scale backup requirements.
  • EonStor CS scale-out shared storage targets at even larger or fast-growing businesses. With its highly scalability, CS supports more than 100PB capacity with 100 GBps read/write speed. In addition, CS features complete data protection, which further provides superior data availability to ensure business continuity.

Backup Solution Selection Table

Model Server Backup Local Backup Remote Backup Cloud Backup
Snapshot Local Replication Block Level File Level Block Level File Level
EonStor CS V - - - V - -
EonStor GS V V V V V V V
EonStor DS V V V V - - -

Success Stories
Infortrend Moves Tunghai University's Storage and Backup Solutions to the Top of the Class
Infortrend Moves Tunghai University's Storage and Backup Solutions to the Top of the Class

Computer Center of Tunghai University


Economically increase storage capacity and improve data backup efficiency for a growing campus network

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