Storage for Virtualization

Faster IT Provisioning, Deployment, and Disaster Recovery

Virtualization is essential for businesses to keep up with the growing demand of IT resources. It enables centralized IT system provisioning and deployment within minutes, allowing the businesses to create or switch a replication site for disaster recovery when mishaps happen.

Virtualization Solutions

Because of this growing virtualization demand, Infortrend offers a high cost-performance, massive capacity, and flexible and reliable data storage for virtualization platforms such as VMware ® vSphere, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, and Citrix® XenServer.

Cost-Effective, Powerful, and Simple Virtualization Deployment with Infortrend Storage

Infortrend's storage supports the following mainstream virtualization features for a more streamlined deployment.

Virtualization Support
Virtualization Solutions VMware vSphere Microsoft Hyper-V Citrix XenServer
Certifications VMware Ready Certified for Windows Server Citrix Ready
Virtualization Application VAAI / VASA / SRM
Management Tool vSphere Client plug-in
(GS Family Only)


Infortrend's EonStor DS and GS storage families are VMware-ready. As a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP), Infortrend is working continuously with VMware to enhance the benefits of the products, especially in delivery to the virtualized environments.

  • VMware vSphere
    Infortrend offers vSphere-certified 6.5 HTML plug-in for native datastore deployment within the VMware environment, delivering an optimal manageability and usability. With its compatibility in vCenter 6.5 update 2 release, this ensures the compliance of the updated security requirements.
  • VAAI (vStorage APIs for Array Integration)
    Infortrend storages support VAAI. To define VAAI, it is a set of APIs that allows the virtualization hypervisor to offload I/O processes of certain data-related services to VAAI-supported storage systems for hardware acceleration.
Virtualization Solutions
  • VASA (vSphere APIs for storage awareness)
    Infortrend storages supports VASA, which delivers the storage array information such as storage capability, storage status, drive types, and data services to VMware vCenter.
  • SRM (Site Recovery Manager)
    Infortrend is certified with VMware SRM, a disaster recovery (DR) solution for storages running in VMware environment.
Virtualization Solutions

Microsoft Hyper-V

Infortrend storages are Windows Server® 2016 Hyper-V®-certified with hypervisor-based server virtualization technology. As Microsoft Gold partner, Infortrend works continuously with Microsoft to ensure the interoperability of the joint solution.

  • Hyper-V Live Migration
    Infortrend storages support live migration of VMs to different Hyper-V CSV notes.
  • Hyper-V ODX (Offloaded Data Transfer)
    Infortrend storages support ODX to speed up the data movement between Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV).
Virtualization Solutions
  • Hyper-V Replica
    Infortend storages have been tested for server-to-server or cluster-to-cluster virtualization-based disaster recovery (DR) solution.
Virtualization Solutions

Citrix XenServer

Infortrend storages are Citrix® Ready-certified. Infortrend works continuously with Citrix as a technical partner to support the latest virtualization solutions.

Customer Success Stories
Infortrend x Cogito
Cogito Group Pty Ltd.
  • Poor performance
  • Complex deployment and management
  • Meet new project needs
Infortrend x The Museum of the History of Polish Jews
The Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw
  • Large amount of data needs to be stored
  • Replace out-of-date storage systems
  • Easy storage expansion to meet growing demands
  • Support Hyper-V virtual environment
Infortrend x SCHAEFER GmbH
SCHAEFER GmbH, a German-based elevator component company
  • Poor system performance
  • Complicated administration
  • Exhausted capacity and costly expansion
  • Infeasible daily backup


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