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Success Stories

Ciner Media Group’s Precious Media Assets are Archived and Protected on EonStor GS High-Density Dual Controller Unified Storage System


Ciner Media Group, Turkey

  • Insufficient storage capacity due to continuous growth of content archive
  • Limited rack space in the data center
  • Crucial requirements of service continuity and data protection

EonStor GS 3060R and expansion enclosure JB 3060RL, with 120 units of 12TB SAS enterprise HDDs, supported with advanced local replication license:

  • 1.44PB of raw capacity for continuously growing media content
  • High-density 4U 60-bay form factor RAID subsystem and JBOD
  • Ease of access and monitoring via EonOne management software
  • Redundancy features for high availability
  • Onsite technical support

Ciner Media Group’s Precious Media Assets are Archived and Protected on EonStor GS High-Density Dual Controller Unified Storage System

“Thanks to Infortrend’s robust and reliable EonStor GS 3060R series unified storage system, now we have high performance and capacity in a smaller rack space,” said Cem GÜMRÜKÇÜ, Broadcasting Systems Manager, Ciner Media Group.

Turkish media conglomerate Ciner Media Group generates huge amounts of audio-visual data on daily basis. It is important to have multiple copies of the content for providing broadcasting service continuity even in disaster circumstances. Moreover, previously created media content could be used as content source and an archive resource for ongoing and future projects.

Such a demanding environment inevitably results with the issue of insufficient storage capacity. So, for archiving and media workflow continuity, a robust and high performance nearline storage system with redundancy and ease of future capacity expansion features was required.


The media company was looking for a storage solution with enough capacity and expandability capabilities for linearly increasing amounts of audio-visual data to overcome the following challenges:

  • Existing main storage ran out of capacity
  • Limited rack space required high-density storage solution populated with high capacity drives to provide PB-level capacity
  • For business continuity, a crucial requirement was to deploy redundant data backup solution


Ciner Media Group purchased Infortrend storage EonStor GS 3060R, JB 3060RL JBOD expansion enclosure, 120 units of 3.5" SAS 12Gb/s enterprise HDD with 12TB capacity each, EonStor GS converged host board with 4 x 10GbE SFP+ ports, and advanced local replication license.

With 1.44PB of raw capacity, Infortrend solution fully satisfied the media company’s requirements of massive and ever-growing amounts of PB-level content archive and management.

Infortrend’s robust hardware RAID assured data protection and integrity, while redundant hardware design with dual controllers ensured continuous service with no SPOF (no Single Point of Failure).

Why Infortrend

  • Great price/performance ratio
  • Massive capacity for large-size media files
  • High-density 4U 60-bay form factor ideally fitted to limited rack space in data center
  • Redundancy features to ensure continuous workflow and data protection
  • Easy management and operation
  • Positive experience with local system integrator Bilgipark that provides good customer service and technical support
Ciner Media Group
About Ciner Media Group

Ciner Media Group (Ciner Medya Grubu) is a Turkish media conglomerate established in 2007, part of the Ciner Holding conglomerate. Among other properties it owns the Habertürk newspaper, Habertürk TV and Habertürk Radyo, and the television stations Show TV, Show Türk and ShowMax TV and co-owns the television station Bloomberg HT. Ciner Media Group also publishes a wide range of magazines, including Turkish editions of international magazines such as FHM.

For more information visit http://www.cinergroup.com.tr/en/media.