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Backup Appliance


Nowadays, with data being one of an enterprise’s primary assets, data backup has become an essential part of the data management strategy to ensure resilience against data loss and maintain business continuity in the face of unforeseen events. EonStor GS unified storage for enterprises can serve as a Backup Appliance, purpose-built for storing backup and archiving enterprise data. It features the Backup Server function, a built-in software for file backup, alongside supporting leading professional backup software, allowing GS to streamline backup procedures, seamlessly integrate into existing backup solutions, and meet regulatory compliance requirements. As a specialized solution for handling large volumes of backup data, GS Backup Appliance supports QLC SSD technology and prioritizes data protection while also providing storage efficiency with data reduction and other essential functions. Furthermore, it allows you to flexibly expand storage as your backup needs grow. With a user-friendly backup interface and accompanying wizards, managing your backups has never been easier.


Backup-Tailored Management Interface

The dedicated management dashboard displays all backup information at a glance, including backup/restore status, backup storage space usage, and data reduction-related information. The intuitive management interface, equipped with multiple backup wizards, guides users through configuring backups from initial settings (backup/archive, block-, file-, or object-level, etc.), remote replication, backup server function, to capacity expansion.

Cost-Saving Backup

With the free built-in Backup Server function, you can backup files from various sources, including public cloud (S3 compatible), file servers (CIFS/NFS protocol), and user PCs. You can customize backup schedules and define data retention periods and the number of copies. To reduce the amount of backup data and the time required for backup, you can leverage incremental backup.

GS supports quad-level cell (QLC) SSD technology, which stores four bits within a NAND cell. This allows you to benefit from higher capacity at a lower cost per terabyte compared to triple-level cell (TLC) SSDs.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Drive Protection: Along with RAID, GS features a media scan function that routinely checks HDDs and automatically initiates recovery procedures if any issues are detected. Furthermore, if SSDs are used, data is intelligently distributed across each SSD to prevent simultaneous failure of multiple SSDs, thus safeguarding against potential data loss.

Disaster Protection: GS includes the remote replication feature, allowing regular data synchronization with a remote storage or cloud service to facilitate seamless data restoration in case of on-site emergencies.

Mitigate Ransomware Attacks: GS offers built-in anti-virus software that performs regular scans of stored files to ensure data security. The Write Once Read Many (WORM) function safeguards data from tampering by ransomware.

Prevent Data Theft: GS leverages data encryption to encrypt stored files. Furthermore, a Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) is also supported.

Easy Capacity Expansion

A single GS appliance in a 4U 90-bay design can provide 1.5 PB of usable storage capacity. When storage space is no longer sufficient, GS can be expanded via JBOD supporting over 800 drives. Moreover, you can use the scale-out function to add up to four GS units which store all data under a single namespace.

Efficient Data Reduction

GS provides the deduplication function to eliminate data duplicates, effectively reducing the required storage space for backup data. To maximize storage efficiency and save space, GS employs file compression.

Seamless Integration into Enterprise Environments

Compatibility with leading backup software like Veritas, Veeam, and Commvault enables backup to GS Backup Appliance through these platforms. GS is certified by Veeam for immutable object storage and certified by Veritas. GS’s support for diverse file protocols, such as CIFS, NFS, and S3, makes it suitable for Windows, Linux, and Mac environments. With support for iSCSI and FC block storage protocols, GS is capable of delivering accelerated backup storage options.


EonStor GS Scale-Out Unified Storage for Enterprises

EonStor GS offers both dual-controller and single-controller designs, thus providing options with high availability and cost-effectiveness. With block- and file-level services supported, EonStor GS family caters to a wide range of use cases, allowing enterprises to efficiently back up both structured and unstructured data. To meet various performance and capacity needs, GS includes U.2 NVMe SSD hybrid flash and SAS HDD series models.

EonStor GS Scale-Out Unified Storage for Enterprises

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe hybrid flash series delivers high performance for fast data backup, designed to meet stringent RTO and RPO requirements. It supports QLC SSDs featuring higher capacity with reduced TCO compared to TLC SSDs.

EonStor GS SAS HDD series

EonStor GS SAS HDD series offers high-density 4U 60/90-bay models to maximize storage capacity for large volumes of backup data while optimizing space utilization in server rooms.

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