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Chăm sóc sức khỏe

A robust and stable storage solution for health care IT infrastructure

Exceptional performance and capacity, highly recommended for PACS/HIS
  • Doctors and patients can access medical images via network anytime and anywhere
  • A maximum of 6000 VDIs offered so medical personnel can access the system via a virtual desktop
Data storage with higher EHR/EMR efficiency
  • Bigger data capacity of up to 9 PB with 900 drives
  • Expanded storage space with Connect-to-Cloud feature
  • Exceptional read/write performance for large amounts of data transfer during peak hours
Powerful performance, expanded storage capacity, and full protection of medical data privacy for PACS/HIS

Powerful Performance, Expanded Storage Capacity, and Full Protection of Medical Data Privacy for PACS/HIS

As medical information and data have grown rapidly, medical institutions around the world need efficient and dynamic medical systems to manage their medical archives. For this demand, a powerful storage system is essential to help the IT personnel of the medical institutions manage the data smoothly and more streamlined.

Infortrend storage solutions cater to such demand, especially for the growing medical data management such as HIS (Hospital Information Systems), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), and EHR/EMR (Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records). These solutions guarantee a quick access, non-stop data protection, and 99.999% high availability of medical data, giving customers high-quality medical services and satisfaction. Integrated with Infortrend's exclusive cloud services, backup and archive synchronization is achievable via various cloud providers to protect valuable medical data.

Hierarchical medical care, local capacity expansion

Medical Data Sharing and Remote Backup

  • Automatic connection to cloud resources
  • Data is locally cached and synced to cloud to offer the best read/write experience
  • Offers the same read/write experience the same as data is stored locally
  • Offers end-to-end data safety encryption

Cloud PACS

Cloud PACS

  • Image data of patients from Hospital A are stored in the cloud (OSS) via the gateways connected to local devices.
  • Doctors from Hospital B can access image data of patients from Hospital A via cloud system.
  • Patients can easily obtain image data from both hospitals.
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