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The Infortrend Thunderbolt storage solutions take full advantage of its super speed to deliver high-bandwidth throughput and smooth 3D or 4K workflow transmissions.

Infortrend Thunderbolt Solutions
  • EonStor GSe Pro 200 Series (Models: 208/ 205)
  • Sonnet Twin 10G SFP+ (Thunderbolt 2: 20Gb/s embedded)
Who Needs Them?
  • Small workgroups/ workstations
  • Remote studios
  • Space or budget-concerned creators
Why Infortrend Solutions?
  • Sustained transfer rates of up to 900/500 MB/s (Read/Write) for high speed demanding applications
  • Supported up to 400TB raw capacity in one system with 4 expansion enclosures, ideal for high resolution raw files

  • Dual network design simplify file sharing and collaboration between Mac and Windows users
  • Compact, slim and quiet desktop form factor design for the space-conscious users
More Benefits
  • Data sharing and cloud integration in one system
  • Complete data services: snapshot, volume mirror…
  • Compatible with enterprise-grade hard drivers
  • Easy storage management
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