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HA Service


Exceptionally Resilient High Availability Solution

Infortrend’s HA (High Availability) service is a powerful solution for storage clusters, enabling enterprises to provide continuous availability for their data and applications. Supported on scale-out unified storage solutions, EonStor GS for enterprises and EonStor GSe for SMB, the HA service ensures uninterrupted operations with site resilience, achieving near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO). The HA service is utilized in scenarios where data accessibility and system uptime are critical, helping to avoid reputational damages and revenue losses caused by potential disruptions in services.

Non-Disruptive Storage Operations

With the HA service, the GS/GSe cluster provides high availability for critical enterprise data. Compared to using only one storage appliance, this solution ensures non-disruptive storage services with minimal downtime in situations where one of the storage systems may be unavailable. These situations include unexpected emergencies, such as power outage, human errors, network malfunctions, as well as scheduled storage maintenance procedures.

By utilizing the powerful HA service enterprises can achieve:

  • Zero RPO: In the event of a failure, the organization’s data can be recovered up to the very moment of the failure, with no loss of data
  • Near-zero RTO: Due to automatic and almost instantaneous service transition between storage systems, users do not even notice any interruptions in services

GS/GSe Cluster with the HA Service

To take advantage of the robust HA architecture, an enterprise uses two GS/GSe storage appliances in the near sites. Monitored by a witness server, the HA service triggers an automatic transition in service between two storage systems. With synchronous remote replication, the two systems store identical copies of data, so that both are ready to provide service anytime. The HA service supports both block- and file-level storage to enhance continuous operation capabilities for various enterprise applications.

GS/GSe Cluster with the HA Service
Note: Auto Failover/Failback for block-level and Auto Failover for file-level

Block-level HA service: When one of the systems fails or malfunctions, the other immediately takes over all the services. Once the failed system is recovered, it resumes services without requiring manual switching. These operations are realized through the “Auto failover” and “Auto failback” functions.

Moreover, the HA service supports the active-active mode, so for block-level applications, the two storage systems provide services simultaneously and achieve workload balance which greatly optimizes utilization of storage resources.

File-level HA service: For file-level applications, the GS/GSe storage systems work in the active-passive mode. When a failure or issue is detected on the active system, the data traffic will be redirected to the passive system which becomes active via the “Auto failover” function.

  • Resilient high availability storage cluster providing zero RPO and near-zero RTO for non-disruptive operations
  • Block- and file-level supported by the HA service for critical business applications, such as database, virtualization, email server, medical systems, financial platforms, etc.
  • Optimized storage efficiency with active-active architecture for block-level applications
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