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EonStor CS Family

Scale-out NAS Storage with High Performance and Scalability

Scale-out NAS Storage with High Performance and Scalability

EonStor CS is a scale-out NAS storage system that addresses the significantly rising amount of unstructured data faced by modern enterprises. It provides high performance, large capacity, and solid data protection along with flexible scalability. Initial deployment can start with only one CS appliance, allowing you to add more nodes to the cluster later on to increase performance and capacity on demand. All your CS storage nodes form a cluster under one single namespace to eliminate data silos.

Superior performance and scalability make CS suitable for a wide range of data-intensive applications and industries, such as media and entertainment (M&E), high performance computing (HPC), video surveillance archiving, file sharing, and data backup.


Ideal for I/O-intensive Applications

CS 4000U series is a U.2 NVMe hybrid flash array that optimizes performance for I/O-intensive workloads.

CS 4000, a hybrid NAS series using SAS SSDs and NL-SAS/SATA HDDs, is suitable for a wide range of enterprise-grade, file-level workloads.

With their excellent performance, both series are ideal for editing and rendering on M&E applications, big data analytics, and data-rich applications for HPC.

Attractive Price/Performance Ratio

CS 3000 fulfills performance requirements of modern-day workloads at a competitive price, making it an optimal choice as M&E and file sharing solutions.

Excellent Capacity Utilization

Providing reliable performance and scalability, CS 2000 is a perfect fit for most capacity-demanding applications, particularly suitable for backup and archiving.


High Performance, Ready for Your Demands

EonStor CS delivers up to 100+ GB/s throughput that best suits large file applications. The high-end U.2 NVMe hybrid flash series provides better performance at a lower latency with up to 18GB/s speed in a 3-node cluster.

By clustering multiple nodes under a single namespace and automatically balancing data across different nodes, CS solves the problem of single node performance limitations and effectively improves access efficiency.

Scale Out Your Storage Only When Needed

As a scale-out NAS storage system, EonStor CS brings scale-out expansion to help manage the ever-increasing data as your business grows. To enhance performance and capacity, you simply add extra CS appliances (or “nodes”) to your cluster system, whether during or after the initial setup. This flexible yet powerful scaling option connects up to 144 CS nodes together, and delivers a read/write speed of 100GB/s with 100PB of storage.

Scale-up expansion is also available where you increase capacity by connecting external expansion enclosures (or “JBODs”) to a single CS node, with a maximum of 120 drives in total. This option delivers a high-capacity yet budget-friendly solution that matches the needs of big data storage and backup.

Scale Out Your Storage Only When Needed

Better Storage Efficiency at a Lower Cost

EonStor CS includes inline compression and offline deduplication features, reducing storage capacity required and thus saving further storage costs.

EonStor CS achieves high storage efficiency with hybrid storage. Your CS cluster can be a flexible combination of SSD nodes, HDD nodes, and expansion enclosures. Based on the hybrid architecture, you can keep frequently used “hot data” on SSDs and less accessed data on HDDs, leveraging the speed of SSDs and the low price of HDDs.

In addition, EonStor CS supports automated tiering, which helps you automatically move data between SSDs and HDDs based on data access frequency. With this feature, you can easily leverage SSDs for high-performance I/Os and HDDs for massive data archives, thereby optimizing storage efficiency and increasing your ROI.

Better Storage Efficiency at a Lower Cost

Secure Your Data from Any Potential Failure

EonStor CS offers full data protection from drives, nodes, to system backup, providing enterprises with continuous services while easing data management stress.

  • At the drive level, EonStor CS incorporates Infortrend's RAID technology, which helps the system run normally and ensures the data is fully protected, even when one hard disk gets damaged.
  • For SSDs, data will be intentionally written on certain SSDs without affecting overall performance, protecting data from multiple SSD failures at the same time.
  • At the file level, EonStor CS supports Replica and Erasure Code protection mechanisms to generate the redundant data across all the nodes, avoiding downtime resulted from a single node failure. If a node failure is detected, CS initiates the self-healing function to recover the data from a faulty node.
  • At the folder level, CS provides Folder Remote Replication (Rsync). With folder to folder’s remote file-level backup, CS not only prevents production downtime caused by local site storage failure, but also duplicates the folder access control list (ACL) of the files.

In terms of data backup, CS works seamlessly with industry-leading backup software like Veeam, Veritas, and Commvault. For Veeam backup and restoration, CS has achieved Veeam Ready Repository classification by exceeding its performance requirements for processes such as Full Backup, Full VM Restore, Synthetic Full Backup, and Instant VM Recovery.

Additionally, CS provides a built-in backup service feature, allowing direct data backup from file servers to CS without the need for additional backup software.

Complete Data ProtectionCS provides continuous service even when one node or disk fails.

Ensure Continuous Operation with High Availability

EonStor CS is equipped with a variety of high availability designs, from network interfaces, redundant hardware components, node configurations, to maintenance and upgrade methods—all have been carefully considered to ensure continuous service.

The network interface trunk group not only allows the bandwidth aggregation but also prevents single path failures.

Besides, CS also has the redundant hardware component design, including PSU, FAN module, contributing to the hardware availability: when one component is down, the other component still provides the power and heat dissipation; also, these components are modular for easy component maintenance.

To prevent downtime caused by a node failure, EonStor CS supports different node protection mechanisms to recover the data from a faulty node.

Last but not the least, the firmware for CS can also be upgraded without cluster downtime to ensure cluster service continuity.

Ensure Continuous Operation with High Availability

Manage Your Storage with Ease

EonStor CS simplifies storage management from setup to operation, releasing the burden of IT in the challenging environment.

Simple setup within 30 minutes. With the help of Infortrend Cluster Deployer and Initialization Wizard, the administrator only needs five minutes to go through the whole deployment process and initialization of the system will be completed within 30 minutes, then the cluster will be ready to go.

Easy management with EonOne, even non-IT staff can do it. EonOne is a web-based, graphical management interface designed for CS. Even those without an IT background can easily learn how to configure their CS cluster.

Manage all data with ease under a single namespace. A CS cluster stores dozens of PB of data under a single namespace, allowing IT personnel to centrally manage all the data, thus eliminating data islands. It does not require additional metadata servers or client-side agent software in the CS cluster architecture, which alleviates administrative burdens.

Easy Management

Use Cases

Media & Entertainment (M&E)

As the era of 4K videos has arrived, the Media and Entertainment industry processing 4K or even 8K ultra high-resolution videos now requires expandable storage with higher capacity and performance to keep up with data growth.

EonStor CS is an ideal solution for larger-scale video production companies with a staff of 10 or more, as it can easily expand the storage and capacity. Moreover, CS provides extremely high data security and a lower TCO, which makes it well received in the M&E industry. EonStor CS can be applied to radio and television HD non-linear sharing, high-speed rendering synthesis, media asset archiving and backup.

  • High Performance I/O: High-resolution files can be accessed by team members simultaneously, bringing the ultimate experience of high-speed, collaborative data management. CS supports up to 80 streams (16GB/s) 4K video playback in a 10-node cluster, and the aggregated throughput can be increased by adding extra nodes on demand. With SSD cache, the project ingestion and file listing will have even better performance.
  • Massive Data Storage and Elastic Scaling: Scale-out and scale-up expansion for HD editing and production. Storage nodes can expand seamlessly online without interrupting services, and performance grows linearly as the number of nodes increases.
  • Load Balancing: When many users access data simultaneously, the system shares the workload through parallel processing across all nodes in the system, avoiding single node performance limitations.
  • Easy Management: User-friendly web GUI makes it easy to configure, monitor, and manage the storage system.
Use Cases - Media & Entertainment (M&E)

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