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Track Your Business Data with Database Storage

In business, there are many natural, hierarchical relationships among data. Databases (DB) are used by organizations to collect information in one consolidated place for easy access, management, and update. The data collected could be personal information about customers from online store (name, address, phone), inventory (product, quantity, price), orders (date, product, shipping address) or anything the business needs to track. It’s up to the user to determine what data needs to be aggregated and the format it will take. The most common type of DB storage structures are Relational Databases where the data is stored in relations, taking the form of tables made of columns (fields) and rows (records/items). These tables are connected within a database. To access and interact with the data, the user needs database management system (DBMS), such as Oracle DB, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB, SAP DB, etc.

The DB market is huge and constantly growing: analysts are projecting it to reach $60B by 2022. Given the continued expansion of the database applications, Infortrend fulfils the demand for more storage requirement.

Requirements for Storage in DB Systems

It’s of high importance for DB storage to be able to support multiple and random real-time inquiries/transactions from clients. Online Transaction Process (OLTP) must be highly stable, high IOPS for small block size data and random reads & writes is required. Moreover, the storage must be expandable, i.e. show high scalability without performance degradation. And finally, it should be highly manageable and cost-effective.

Watch the video to learn how Infortrend solutions for Database address these requirements:

Infortrend Database Storage Solution Advantages

Outstanding Performance, Cost-Effective and Simple Management

  • Unprecedented and consistent performance for optimizing your mission critical applications and supporting Microsoft SQL and Oracle database
  • Delivers up to 700K IOPS within less than 0.5ms latency to handle mission-critical workload
  • Hybrid storage system supports SSD Cache and Automated Storage Tiering improve overall performance and reduce response time
  • Easy deployment and simple management: intuitive GUI for DBA’s configuration
  • Provides the most cost-effective solution for your DB applications
Outstanding Performance, Cost-Effective and Simple Management

Resilient and Consistent Scalable Performance

  • Hybrid storage system supports massive data capacity up to 12PB/6PB with 896/448 drives through the 2U 24-bay/3U 16-bay/4U 60-bay model to provide flexible scalability
  • Support diverse host connectivity to optimize your performance demand, including 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE iSCSI, and 16Gb/s FC, etc.

High Availability, Reliability & Security

  • Redundant controllers and components support workload failover to prevent unexpected downtime, and they are easy to maintain
  • Provide Local and Remote Replication (RR), Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) for backup and recovery to ensure the data integrity
  • Support Self-encrypting drives (SED) to guarantee data security

Customer Success Stories

ALOG Technology Adopted Infortrend Storage and Successfully Responded to China's Biggest Shopping Carnival
ALOG Technology Adopted Infortrend Storage and Successfully Responded to China's Biggest Shopping Carnival

ALOG Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Headquarters and regional warehouse data management adopt a large database
  • IT services must provide non-stop 24/7 service to ensure storage and logistics quality
  • Cost-effective remote disaster recovery solution
Diana Unicharm JSC Adopts Infortrend EonStor DS 3000 Systems for Critical Web Applications
Diana Unicharm JSC Adopts Infortrend EonStor DS 3000 Systems for Critical Web Applications

Diana Unicharm JSC

  • Performance and budget pressures
  • Rapid growth of data
  • Inefficient data protection
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