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EonStor CS Family

The Scale-Out NAS Storage with High Scalability and Performance

The Scale-Out NAS Storage with High Scalability and Performance - EonStor CS

EonStor CS is a scale-out NAS storage that allows enterprises to address the significantly rising amount of unstructured data. It provides high performance and capacity while ensuring well data protection. Initial deployment can start with only one CS storage, further you can add more CS to linearly increase the system performance and capacity, and all the CS systems form a cluster under a single namespace to eliminate data silos.

The superior performance and scalability make CS suitable for a wide range of data-intensive industries and applications, such as media and entertainment (M&E), high-performance computing (HPC), video surveillance archiving, file sharing, and backup.

High Performance for I/O-Intensive Workloads Application

CS 4000 can handle random read/write requests of small files, it also optimized performance for I/O-intensive workloads and data-rich applications, such as Big Data analytics and HPC.

Attractive Price-Performance Overcomes the limits to Growth

CS 3000 satisfies the performance of today’s workloads at an affordable price. This series is an ideal storage for M&E and file sharing solution.

Excellent Capacity Utilization Ratio

CS 2000 is a perfect fit for most of capacity demanding applications. Focusing on backup and archiving solutions, CS 2000 provides reliable performance and scalability.

Product Highlights

High Performance

EonStor CS is a high-performance and high-capacity cluster file system that supports up to 100+ GBps throughput and more than 100PB of storage capacity. By clustering multiple nodes under a single namespace and automatically balancing data across nodes, CS solves the problem of a single node performance limitation and effectively improves the access efficiency.

High Performance and Capacity

Lightning-Fast All-Flash Platform

EonStor CS offers an all-flash model, CS 4025B, to deliver optimal SSD performance, including low latency, extended SSD lifespan, and faster data transfer. The all-flash CS supports up to 3,400/2,000 MB/s Read/Write speed per single node and 40Gb/s RDMA node-to-node connection to provide lightning-speed access for mission-critical workloads of such applications as HPC and M&E. Moreover, the all-flash model allows users to maximize system efficiency by allocating data in different pools based on file access frequency or file status. For example, less used data can be stored in a high-capacity all-HDD pool and hot data in a high-performance all-flash pool. In this way, you can meet both the requirements of shorter response time and massive capacity with optimized costs.

Lightning-Fast All-Flash Platform

High Scalability

EonStor CS supports two capacity expansion solutions, horizontal scalability (scale-out) and vertical scalability (scale-up). The scale-out expansion allows you to add more devices (up to 144 nodes) to increase both capacity and performance. The entire cluster performance can reach 100+ GBps (Read/Write) and more than 100PB capacity. The benefit of using scale-out is that you increase performance and capacity at the same time. CS also supports scale-up scalability, which allows you to add up to 84 disks to increase storage space.
EonStor Scale-out NAS Expansion Guide

High Scalability

Complete Data Protection

To prevent critical data loss and ensure continuous storage services, EonStor CS is designed with the support of multi-layer data protection on hard disks, node, and cluster levels. If any of the elements fails, neither the data will be lost, nor the system performance will be affected.

If a hard disk gets damaged, Infortrend's exclusive RAID technology ensures that the system runs normally at the same level of performance. In terms of node protection, Replica and Erasure Code protection functions help to avoid downtime from a single node of failure. If a node failure is detected, CS initiates self-healing function to recover the data from a faulty node.

On cluster level, you can use the Rsync feature for remote backup of the cluster file to remote cluster or remote NAS.

CS has achieved Veeam Ready Repository classification by exceeding its performance requirements for such processes as Full Backup, Full VM Restore, Synthetic Full Backup, and Instant VM Recovery.

Complete Data Protection

High Availability

With the data protection design featuring RAID, Replica/Erasure code, EonStor CS provides high availability for disk and node levels.

The network interface trunk group not only allows the bandwidth aggregation, but also prevents single path failure.

Besides, CS also has the redundant hardware component design, including PSU, FAN module, contributing to the hardware availability: when one component is down, the other component still provides the power and heat dissipation; also, these components are modular for easy component maintenance.

Last but not the least, the firmware for CS can also be upgraded without cluster downtime to ensure the cluster service continuity.

High Availability

High Security

To secure extremely critical data, EonStor CS provides SED (Self-Encrypting Drive) and WORM (Write Once Read Many) data protection mechanisms. SED protects confidential data from being hacked, from malware and malicious behavior. When a write job is performed, it automatically executes full disk encryption by using the embedded encryption key. Encrypted data is decrypted before leaving the drive when a read request is met. WORM is especially useful for organizations that are required to meet archival demands and struggling to keep pace with their growing data storage. It provides cost-effective data storage, which cannot be deleted, edited, over-written, or corrupted.

High Security

Easy Management

EonStor CS simplifies the deployment and management tasks with both hardware and software designs.

EonOne management software provides an intuitive user interface for centralized management of multiple systems, monitoring of performance and capacity usage, and completion of all related system configurations.

On the hardware side, CS adopts cable-less and modular design, allowing you to expand nodes or add expansion enclosures without interrupting system operation. CS also comes with redundant key components, such as power supplies, controllers, and fans. These features give enterprises a very robust, easy-to-maintain system and reduce the risk of downtime, providing a non-stop delivery of services.

CS cluster supports All-HDD and All-Flash hybrid configuration. This hybrid configuration is especially suitable for HPC and M&E applications, which workload requirements include high-performance computing and massive data storage capacity. Moreover, you can set different protection levels for each pool: for example, you can choose Erasure Code to protect massive data while saving the storage space.

Easy Management
Use Case

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Due to the rise of Industrial IoT and AI, size and amount of data that organizations have to deal with are dramatically increasing. Hence, there appears a need for high-performance computing (HPC) to process, store, and perform complex calculations of massive amounts of data at very high speeds for real-time data analytics and strategy decision making. Deploying hybrid configuration supporting flexible data allocation allows to deliver maximum system efficiency: hot data folders are stored in high performance All-Flash pool for HPC processes, while folders with already analyzed not-active data migrate to high capacity All-HDD pool.

The Oil and Gas industry needs to collect all the oil drilling data from various sensors, such as seismic surveys, well logs, fluid analyses, and static and flowing pressure measurements. To enhance performance, those data are acquired and analyzed through distributed computing. In light of this, EonStor CS is considered a perfect shared storage solution as it allows to keep up with high-performance computing architecture and system expansion.

  • High Capacity Scalability and Performance: Up to 100PB of storage with maintaining the same performance level (100+ GBps Read/Write speed) as the system expands.
  • Flexible Platform Design: Hot data folders stored on All-Flash pool for high performance computing processes, while cold data folders migrate to high capacity HDD pool.
  • Full Data Protection: A variety of data protection mechanisms, such as Rsync, SED hard disk encryption, Write Once Read Many (WORM), and SSL encryption, which is extremely important for mission-critical applications, such as oil and gas production.
  • File Sharing: EonStor CS can be used as a shared storage for all oil and gas exploration data logs, such as seismic surveys, well logs, fluid analyses, pressure measurements, and records of the monthly injected volumes of EOR fluids (water, gas, CO2 , steam, chemicals). These files in the form of structured documents, PDFs, handwritten notes, audio or video files, are stored on EonStor CS for easy access and effective collaboration between different departments.
Use Case - High Performance Computing (HPC)

Media & Entertainment (M&E)

EonStor CS is an ideal solution for today’s Media and Entertainment industry processing 4K and 8K ultra high-resolution videos. It targets larger-scale video production companies with staff more than 10 people and growing business. EonStor CS features highly scalable performance and capacity, which can deliver an optimized and expandable solution as your media business develops. It comes with Infortend’s management software EonOne. The browser-based software allows you to configure, monitor, and manage the storage system easily, so it allows the video editing team to focus more on video content creation and improving productivity.

Moreover, CS provides extremely high data security and lower TCO, which makes it well received in M&E industry. EonStor CS can be applied to radio and television HD non-linear sharing, high-speed rendering synthesis, media asset archiving, and media asset data disaster recovery backup.
Learn more about M&E Shared Storage Solution.
How to build Storage solution for M&E industry?

  • High Performance I/O: High-resolution files can be accessed by team members simultaneously, bringing the ultimate experience of collaborative high-speed data management.
  • Massive Data Storage and Elastic Scaling: Scale-out and scale-up expansion for HD editing and production. Storage nodes can expand seamlessly online without interrupting services, and performance grows linearly as the number of nodes increases.
  • Load Balancing: When many users access data simultaneously, the system shares the workload through parallel processing across all nodes in the system, avoiding single node performance limitations.
  • Easy Management: User-friendly web GUI.
Use Case - Media & Entertainment (M&E)
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