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ES A12F-G2422

ES A12F-G2422 (Legacy product)

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  1. Multiple arrays configurable with dedicated or global hot spares
  2. RAID levels supported: RAID 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, and NRAID
  3. Online expansion by:
    1. Adding new drives
    2. Copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity
  4. Automatic background rebuildsConfigurable stripe size and write policy per arrayIntelligent drive handling:
    1. In degraded mode: skips irreparable blocks to continue rebuild
    2. In normal operation: data-block verification and repair
Host Interface
  1. Two (2) FC-4G through two (2) SFP host ports
  2. Concurrent I/O commands
  3. Tagged command queuing up to 256
  4. Variable stripe size per logical drive
  5. Optimization setting for random or sequential I/Os
Drive Interface
  1. Twelve (12) or eight (8) 3Gbps SATA-II (3Gbps) , hot-swappable drive trays that accommodate 1-inch pitch, 3.5-inch SATA-I or SATA-II (3Gbps) disk drives
  2. Automatic bad-sector reassignment
  3. Dedicated bandwidth to each connected drive
System Components

Single controller configuration provides full RAID functionalities

    1. One (1) EonStor enhanced 2U enclosure
    2. One (1) RAID controller module
    3. One (1) 256MB DDR RAM DIMM module (pre-installed on the controller module)
    4. Two (2), hot-swappable, redundant, 350W power supply units
    5. Three (A12F) or Two (A08F), hot-swappable, redundant, single-fan cooling modules running in high/low speeds
    6. Twelve (12) or eight (8), hot-swappable drive trays
    7. Two (2) front handles
    8. Optional battery backup unit

Front LCD control panel for setup and configuration10/100 BaseT Ethernet for out-of-band managementOne (1) RS-232C serial port for local access to firmware-embedded utility Java-based RAIDWatch GUI manager:

  1. VT-100 terminal emulation via RS-232C
  2. Telnet access via onboard Ethernet port
  3. Cross-platform, remote administration with SSL
  4. Out-of-band access via Ethernet
  5. Centralized management to monitor and administer multiple RAID units on one screen

Configuration client for real-time event notification over Email, Fax, LAN broadcast, SNMP Traps, MSN messenger,SMS short messages, and the configuration utility screen

SNMP agent support:
  1. SNMP trap event notification with plain-text event message (no MIB file required)
  2. SNMP V2.0 MIB file support with get-and-set commands

Onboard alarm is triggered when one of the following modules fails:

  1. RAID controller module
  2. Cooling module
  3. Power supply unit
  4. Hard drive
  5. BBU module
Module status LED indicators:
  1. Two (2) per drive tray
  2. One (1) per cooling module
  3. One (1) per power supply unit
  4. One (1) per BBU module
  5. Three (3) per LCD panel
  6. Five (5) per RAID controller module
  7. Two (2) per Ethernet port

Module failure alert through I2C bus

Intelligent Drive Handling

If two bad blocks occur on two member drives of an array, the integrity of the stored data is endangered. Media Scan, Infortrend's innovative intelligent drive handling function, retrieves data from the damaged sectors. Media Scan handles low quality drives in both the degraded mode and during the rebuild process. For additional data security, other intelligent drive management features include the transparent resetting of hung hard drives, power-failure management, and bad-drive handling during LD expansion.

Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler is combined with Media Scan so that the scanning operation can be scheduled beginning at a specified start time and repeating at the configurable intervals. The operation is thus hands free. Each such schedule can be defined to operate on individual hard drives, all drives of a certain class, all member drives of a specified logical drive, or all member drives of all logical drives.

  1. Two (2) SFP ports for host connections
  2. One (1) COM port (38400, n, 8, 1)
  3. One (1) 10/100BaseT Ethernet port
Power Supply Module

Two (2) redundant hot-swappable power supplies with PFC

Input 100VAC at 6A, 240VAC at 3A with PFC (auto-switching)
47 ~ 63Hz
Output (Maximum output: 350 Watts)
+12.0V 25A max.
+ 5.0V 25A max.
+ 3.3V 20A max.
Cooling Module

Three (A12F) or two (A08F) redundant single-fan cooling modules

Maximum air flow (each module) High speed: 31.8 CFM
Low speed: 20.1 CFM
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature 0° to 40°C
Non-operating temperature - 40º to 60ºC
Relative humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Operating altitude Operating: 0 ~ 12,000 ft
Non-operating: 0 to 40,000 ft
  1. Chassis without handles: 446(W) x 88(H) x 490(D) mm
  2. Chassis with handles: 482 (W) x 88(H) x 505(D) mm
  3. Package: 381H x567W x 772D mm
System Weight
  1. Net weight: 23.5kg
  2. Gross weight: 25kg
  1. FC-4G to SATA-II (3Gbps) single controller RAID subsystem
  2. RAID5 configuration end-to-end I/O performance
    1. Sequential read:545 MB/sec
    2. Sequential write:345 MB/sec
  3. Dual-speed fans to reduce noise
  4. 2U chassis providing up to 8TB or 12TB of storge capacity
  5. SATA NCQ support
Configuration Model Form Factor
Single A12F-G2422 2U/12-Bay

Spare Parts

IFT-9373CDTray 3.5" Hard disk drive tray
IFT-9272CPSU Power supply module, EonStor 2U DDR-interface subsystems, 350W capacity
IFT-9272CFanModE Intelligent Cooling fan module for EonStor 2U DDR-interface subsystems
IFT-9272CHandLLCD Left-side forearm handle for 2U RAID subsystems, LCD panel included
IFT-9272CHandR Right-side forearm handle for 2U subsystems
IFT-82AF24GD08 Fibre to SATA RAID controller module, for ES A08F-G2422 subsystem, 2 x FC-4G SFP host connectors.
IFT-82AF24GD12 Fibre to SATA RAID controller module, for ES A12F-G2422 subsystem, 2 x FC-4G SFP host connectors.
IFT-9011 Null Modem, DB9 female to DB9 male, wires swapped

256MB DDR RAM DIMM module, for ASIC266 platform 

IFT-9270ASCab RS-232C serial cable, audio-jack to DB9


IFT-9273CBT-C Battery cell pack, Li-Ion, Enhanced EonStor 16-bay subsystems
IFT-9270CSFP2GA01 Agilent Fibre Channel 2.125 / 1.0625 GBd Small Form Pluggable Optical Transceiver, LC, waive-length 850nm, multi-mode
IFT-9270CSFP4GA01 Agilent Fibre Channel 4.25/2.125 / 1.0625 GBd Small Form Pluggable Optical Transceiver, LC, waive-length 850nm, multi-mode
IFT-9270CFCCab01 Optical FC cable, LC-LC, MM-62.5/125, Duplex, LSZH, O.D.=1.8mm*2, 1 Meter
IFT-9270CFCCab02 Optical FC cable, LC-LC, MM-62.5/125, Duplex, LSZH, O.D.=1.8mm*2, 5 Meters
IFT-9270CFCCab03 Optical FC cable, LC-LC, MM-62.5/125, Duplex, LSZH, O.D.=1.8mm*2, 10 Meters
IFT-9272CESlide28 Enhanced Slide rail assembly for 2U enclosures, 21"~28.5" rack depth
IFT-9272CESlide36 Enhanced Slide rail assembly for 2U enclosures, 25.5"~36" rack depth
IFT-DDRESCEM5 512MB DDR RAM DIMM module, for ASIC266 platform 
IFT-DDRESCEMA 1GB DDR RAM DIMM module, for ASIC266 platform
Detailed Specifications

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