As a commitment to storage solutions in cloud environments, Infortrend’s Cinder driver allows OpenStack*(1) clouds to oversee and manage the operations of Infortrend storage systems. The driver is fully customized for better compatibility with OpenStack Cinder*(2) and it ensures Infortrend storage systems offer reliable and optimum block-level data transfers. The end result, Infortrend customers are now able to deploy virtual machines (instance) and scale horizontally in cloud environments with ease, flexibility and interoperability.

*(1). What is OpenStack: OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system for building private and public clouds that provides a standardized platform to manage resource pools of servers, storages, networking and application. OpenStack is managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit organization which oversees both development and community-building around the project. For more information about OpenStack, please visit:

*(2).What is Cinder (OpenStack Block Storage): Cinder is the code name for the open source project to develop OpenStack Block Storage, the block-based storage component of the OpenStack cloud computing platform. OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) provides persistent and high-performance block storage to run instances via FC or iSCSI protocol.

OpenStack Support Briefing
Infortrend Cinder driver is designed to allow the EonStor DS storage systems to communicate with other components in OpenStack environments. Once Infortrend Cinder Driver has been installed, users can easily and conveniently use the features/ functions of the high-performance and reliable EonStor DS for back-end storage management by Cinder.

The features/functions supported by Cinder:

  • -  Volume Create/Delete
  • -  Volume Attach/Detach
  • -  Snapshot Create/Delete
  • -  Create Volume from Snapshot
  • -  Get Volume Stats
  • -  Copy Image to Volume
  • -  Copy Volume to Image
  • -  Clone Volume
  • -  Extend Volume
  • -  Retype
  • Applicable storage products: EonStor DS 4000/ 3000/ 2000/ 1000 series
  • OpenStack Cinder version supported: Kilo
  • For the Infortrend Cinder driver download, please go to Infortrend support site