With EonStor DS supports for VMware’s vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) and vSphere API for Storage Awareness (VASA), you get not only our proven quality and high performance storage, but also outstanding data protection and datacenter integration, giving you better datacenter management under virtualization environments.

What is SRM?

VMware SRM is a disaster recovery solution that provides automated orchestration centralized recovery plans for better disaster recovery capabilities.

The benefits of SRM support storage

  • Efficient data recovery and protection

Thanks to its integration with array-based replication and native VMware vSphere-based replication engines running on VMware vCenter, when virtual machines at the protected site shut down, copies of these virtual machines start up at the recovery site and take over the same operations and services.

  • Effective post-recovery plan

If at any point data does need to be recovered, once the recovery plan is tested and validated, and the data is safe, the testing environment is removed and the recovery plan automatically returns to “Ready State”, giving IT managers one less thing to worry about and ensuring the system is prepared to protect your data from potential disasters again.

What is VASA?

The primary control plane API for vSphere. This API allows vSphere to both investigate storage configurations and to set storage properties for storage arrays.

The benefits of VASA support storage

  • Simple monitoring of storage system status

VASA is designed to allow vCenter to gain insight into the storage configurations and help IT managers manage storage resources by setting storage properties. With the support of VASA, users can easily access detailed information of EonStor DS such as the systems’ health status, configuration and capacity.

  • Improved maintenance and management protocols for data centers

VASA helps simplify data center management in the virtual environment by deciding on the placement of the data center and creating an early plan for space allocation, allowing for a full optimization of the available storage resources.

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