EonStor GS 5000
Featuring 4 Intel E5 CPU, 1TB cache memory, 64 data ports, and 1,680 drives, GS 5000 is the only primary storage architecture you need to run multiple SAN and NAS workloads simultaneously

GS 5000
Store More and Run Faster
Offers PB-level storage capacity and delivers superior performance for both SAN and NAS workloads

Flexible Host Connectivities
Support up to 64 data ports and suitable for SAN/NAS/DAS infrastructure
GS 5000

Support Multiple Workloads in ONE platform
GS 5000

Available Models
  GS 5100 GS 5200
CPU (per system) 2 x Intel E5 8-core 4 x Intel E5 8-core
RAM (per system) 512 GB 1,024 GB
Max. Drive Number 1,680
I/O Modular Slots 4 16

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