Milestone Systems is the world leader of open platform IP video surveillance software, providing user-friendly yet powerful video management software for more than 150,000 global installations. Milestone XProtect® products are designed in an open architecture and are compatible with various IP cameras, encoders, and digital video recorders that other manufacturers cannot match. Due to its open platform, clients can integrate their business solutions and expand the possibility of innovation that caters to their business needs.

Superior Performance in High Video Recording/Archiving Quality

Certification of the EonStor DS 1000 Gen2 and EonStor GSe Pro 3000 ensure that surveillance systems built using these devices in combination with Milestone XProtect® components will be able to record and archive a massive amount of video data. When using an optimal logical disk configuration, the systems perform at a high level of data throughput with acceptable read/write latency. The results show that Infortrend’s EonStor DS 1016R Gen2 can support up to 540/1,080/1,440 cameras depending on the resolution for live recording service via SAN, while the EonStor GSe Pro 3016 supports up to 1,000 cameras with a resolution of 1080P for archiving services via ethernet network. Refer to the table below for EonStor systems' maximum performance and scenarios using four XProtect Recording Servers and four clients for playback.

Model DS 1016R Gen2 GSe Pro 3016
Mode Recording Archiving
Resolution 1080p 3M pixel 5M pixel 1080p
Max. No. of Cameras 1,440 1,080 540 1,000
Individual Video Stream Size (Mbps) 4.4 6.64 10.56 4.16
Processor Time (CPU %) 9.12 10.96 9.24 38.01
Read Latency (ms) 9.25 12.99 27.15 1.74
Write Latency (ms) 46.37 67.11 74.5 5.73
Max. Disk I/O (Mbps) 929 1,109 1,166 493 (Archiving)

EonStor DS 1000 Gen2
  • Milestone XProtect Ready
  • Equipped with built-in 1Gb/s iSCSI and optional 10Gb/s iSCSI host boards
  • 5,000+ MB/s throughput and over 4PB total capacity
  • Complete SAS 12Gb/s support from drive to storage system
  • Supports SATA Drive with bridge board
EonStor DS

EonStor GSe Pro 3000
  • Milestone XProtect Ready
  • Equipped with built-in 1Gb/s iSCSI and optional 10Gb/s iSCSI host boards
  • 4,000+ MB/s CIFS throughput and over 4PB total capacity
  • SATA 6Gb/s high-capacity drive support
EonStor GSe Pro 3000

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