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The Surveillance Storage Selector helps you estimate the total storage space and bandwidth required for your project and helps you understand how to configure the installation using solutions from Infortrend. Simply follow the steps below, enter the requirements of your project, and hit "Calculate" to get started!

  Camera Quantity Encoding Resolution Video Quality Frame Rate Motion
Recording Rate
Bit Rate
Recording Hour
(per Day)
Retention Period
add delete H.264
Total Number of Cameras: {{ getQuantityTotal() }}
Total Bandwidth Required: {{ getRequiredBandwidthTotal() | number}} Mbps
Total Useable Capacity Required: {{ getRequiredCapacityTotal()}} TB
* Required Fields
Recommended Memory: 16 GB
RAID Protection: RAID 5 + 1 Spare
Form Factor: 3U 16
3Recommended Solution
Recommended Products


{{SystemNumber}} {{ModelName}}

Expansion Enclosure

{{JBODNumber}} {{JBModelName}}
Total Number of Cameras: {{ getQuantityTotal() }}
Total Usable Capacity: {{UsableCapacity}} TB
Total Number of Drives: {{DriveNumber}}
Required Storage Capacity: {{ getRequiredCapacityTotal()}} TB
Additional Capacity: {{AdditionalCapacity}} TB
** It's recommended to adjust drive capacity to get the most efficient configuration
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