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Infortrend's integrated storage solutions meet IT challenges for different applications on different platforms. Our comprehensive solutions allow enterprises and SMBs to improve business operations with the latest technologies. Combining advanced features with tested integration and reduced operational costs, Infortrend offers storage solutions that best meet your business needs.

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Asia Pacific & Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2226-0126#8523
E-mail: sales.tw@infortrend.com
Tel: +86-10-6310-6168
E-mail: sales.cn@infortrend.com
Tel: +81-3-5730-6551
E-mail: sales.jp@infortrend.com
Tel: +1-408-988-5088
E-mail: sales.us@infortrend.com
Middle East, Africa & Turkey
Tel: +886-2-2226-0126#8306
E-mail: sales.meat@infortrend.com
Tel: +44-1256-305-220
E-mail: sales.eu@infortrend.com
Russia & CIS
Tel: +886-2-2226-0126#8309
E-mail: sales.ru@infortrend.com

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