Automated Storage Tiering

Automated storage tiering fully leverages the advantages of different storage media including SSDs for high-performance I/Os and HDDs for massive data archive. It would allow users to assign applications flexibly to two/four available tiers distinguished by different drive types and RAID levels. Also, users can optimize storage performance and increase ROI greatly.

What is Automated Storage Tiering?

Storage Tiering prioritizes storage blocks into different categories, referred to as storage tiers, which provide various levels of performance and capacity based on price/performance considerations, performance/ bandwidth demands, frequency of use, and other criteria. Storage Tiering enables users to flexibly assign applications to tiers with different drive types and RAID levels. Infortrend's Automated Storage Tiering provides an architecture that fully consolidates the advantages of different storage media, including SSDs for high performance and near-line serial attach SCSI (NL-SAS) drives for storage capacity. It helps users more easily accommodate and meet different service level requirements via easy-to-use GUI-based management tools.

Automated Storage Tiering

  • Up to 150% performance improvement at no additional costs compared to a non-tiered configuration
  • Enjoying higher performance with massive capacity increased by deploying high-capacity nearline drives in lower tiers
  • Based on data usage patterns, migration ensures optimized distribution of data in storage pools
  • Simple set up with little effort or training by SANWatch/ EonOne management tool

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