Storage for SOHO

Unified architecture NAS in diverse form factors supports productivity, backup, and data security

Infortrend caters to users who want to get more out of simple but powerful technology. As the imperative here is effortless usage and flexibility, unified storage systems can work as standard NAS or even small-scale SAN, ranging from desktop form factors to compact rackmount systems, and provide complete compatibility with all major operating systems, disk drive standards, and memory types. Intuitive interfaces make Infortrend storage hassle-free, removing technical hurdles and making professional storage as simple and accessible as any home PC.

Thanks to smart energy-saving technology and efficient processors, Infortrend storage reduces power bills and minimizes environmental impact, vital factors for SOHO users. And it goes without saying that every product carries renowned Infortrend quality and service for peace of mind. 

* Models vary by region

EonStor GSe
GSe 1012
GSe 1016
EonStor DS
DS 1012
DS 1016
DS 1024
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