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Tremendous Capacity and Affordable Price with Robust Data Protection for Video Storage Demands

Massive Capacity in SAN Environment

The world is at constant threat nowadays. Somewhere around the globe, there are countries that suffer terrorism, rebellion, financial hacks, enterprise security failures, and even our homes. Because of these issues, surveillance systems have become a dire need. Having a surveillance system also requires a heavy storage device. In order to achieve a systematic and complete surveillance system, especially in larger scale, one must invest in a high capacity storage system with a steady output for surveillance videos.

EonStor DS 1000 SAN storage system is the answer to your surveillance storage needs. It offers you a guaranteed storage access and stability, may it be a cost-effective single controller or a high availability dual controller models. Form factors such as 2U 12-bay, 3U 16-bay, and 4U 24-bay can be paired with the high-density 4U 60-bay expansion enclosures to support a maximum capacity of 4PB on a single system, giving you up to 180 days of video footages for hundreds of 3MP IP cameras. In addition, EonStor DS 1000 supports Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocol that provides a stable output of up to 5,500MB/s read and 1,900MB/s write, providing you a smoother and steadier user experience.

High Density 4U 60-bay Storage for Limited Room Space

A perfect example of Infortrend's achievement is the large-scale deployment of round-the-clock, high-quality video surveillance storage system in Gwanak District (Gwanak-gu), Seoul, South Korea. Because of space limitation issue and non-stop video recording demand, EonStor DS 3000 4U 60-bay high density RAID system is the perfect solution: an achievable 4PB storage capacity, solid performance of 5.5GB/s read, and 1.9GB/s write that guarantees 24/7 stable recording quality. EonStor DS 3000's redundant components and dual host boards offer a reliable performance of up to 99.999%, making it the perfect choice for a top-notch surveillance storage system.

Tremendous Capacity and Affordable Price with Robust Data Protection for Video Storage Demands

Optimized Server Storage Design for IP Video Surveillance

The structure and design of most large-scale surveillance system require more storage devices to store surveillance videos and an NVR server to process data. This type of system can be bothersome and downright demanding: it would take up bigger spaces for the surveillance equipment, incur sky-high costs, and can be inconvenient in maintaining and configuring different devices.

The EonServ Family is the ideal solution for a surveillance demand in a larger scale. It offers extensive surveillance coverage with a complete protection via RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6 configurations, a user-friendly management interface in EonOne Lite, and an integrated Windows® OS and Milestone® VMS for an efficient lower deployment and maintenance costs. For the hardware structure, EonServ Family completely integrates the surveillance servers, RAID controllers, and storage devices in one system. It also supports a maximum of 436 disks via JBOD expansion with SAS interface, while the cable-less design of the enterprise-level models prevents system abnormality due to bad connection or the cable's wear and tear. Aside from these in-demand features, the Milestone-certified EonServ 5000ML supports stable recording and playback for 150 IP cameras of 3MP resolution, configured under Milestone XProtect system.

Optimized Server Storage Design for IP Video Surveillance

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