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Success Stories

SCHAEFER GmbH Built 5700% Faster Virtualized IT Infrastructure with Infortrend All-flash Storage Systems and Intel Servers


SCHAEFER GmbH, a German-based elevator component company

  • Poor system performance
  • Complicated administration
  • Exhausted capacity and costly expansion
  • Infeasible daily backup

Infortrend storage systems, Intel server boards and Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Primarily site : All-flash Infortrend storage (EonStor DS 4024B, JB 3024B and Intel SSD) to boost the performance to 13K MB/s
  • Backup storage : High capacity 4U 48-bay storage (EonStor DS 3048) with 8TB HDDs

SCHAEFER GmbH Built 5700% Faster Virtualized IT Infrastructure with Infortrend All-flash Storage Systems and Intel Servers

"We are now able to process about 20% more orders.” – Murat Sahin, Sales, SCHAEFER
"As IT forms the heart of our company, SCHAEFER can now work with greater speed, precision and efficiency. The new IT system also reduces our maintenance and operating costs, without compromising our data security.” – Joachim Pfeifer, Project Lead, SCHAEFER.

SCHAEFER GmbH, a global player and a leader serving customers worldwide, designs and manufactures control systems for elevators. With the success of its business and the constant expansion, SCHAEFER was troubled by its outdated IT infrastructure with these issues:

  • Poor system performance: users had to wait several minutes for the system to process their requests; sometimes, they had to wait up to 30 minutes.
  • Complicated management: IT administration became too complicated and time consuming.
  • Limited capacity: the limited capacity of the old system was getting exhausted but expansion would be too costly.
  • Back-up problem: daily back-ups for important data were impossible because they took too much time due to slow system performance.

Total Solution with Infortrend Storage and Intel Server Boards

To resolve the inefficiencies, SCHAEFER conducted extensive surveys and careful evaluations and selected a solution based on Intel server boards and SSDs and in particular, Infortrend storage systems because of the excellent performance, outstanding price-performance ratio compared to competitors, simple management and high availability. The new IT system was up and running in just two weeks, including the system deployment and configuration, data migration, and transition from VMware to Hyper-V 2016. Now, SCHAEFER is fully satisfied with the two sets of Infortrend storage systems that help it stay No. 1:

1. Primarily site storage solution :

Infortrend all-flash EonStor DS 4024B redundant storage system with one expansion enclosure (JB 3024B), providing high performance for mission critical applications.

2. Backup system :

Infortrend EonStor DS 3048 4U 48-bay high capacity storage system, capable of supporting 48 HDDs in one system to meet daily backup demands.

"As a technology leader, we consciously selected an IT frontrunner. That's extremely important for us as our subsidiaries and offices, for example in Asia and North America, work in different time zones.” – Michael Gubisch, CEO, SCHAEFER.

Super Speed Raises 20% More Order Processing, Boosting Productivity and Efficiency

The new IT system delivers 5700% faster performance for SCHAEFER’s operations, according to the recently released testimony video. The Infortrend all-flash storage EonStor DS 4024B can provide 13,000MB/s read throughput for its critical applications and has enabled the SCHAEFER team to process 20% more orders without any problems.

To watch the testimony video, please click here.

85% Less Power Consumption and More Benefits…

In addition to the higher efficiency and productivity, the new IT system saves power consumption by 85% and occupies a 70% smaller system footprint compared to the old system. Furthermore, the easy management and maintenance means less work for the IT administrators.

SPC 2 No. 1 Infortrend EonStor DS 4024B Storage System

EonStor DS 4024B is a high-density dual-controller 2U 24-bay compact storage system designed for 2.5” drives and purpose-built to handle even the most intense data throughput loads. (In this case, the read throughput can be up to 13,000MB/s).

It has been ranked No. 1 with a record-setting price-performance ratio in the SPC-2 benchmark test. (Source: SPC-2 Results - “Top Ten” by Price-Performance / updated: 10th February 2017)


Founded in 1964, SCHAEFER GmbH is a global player and a leader with several decades of history in producing components for the lift industry. SCHAEFER is able to provide one-of-a-kind products to customers worldwide thanks to its own in-house research and development, technical and design activities that demand nothing but the highest quality in every detail of the process. For more information, please visit http://www.ws-schaefer.de