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Success Stories

Rock Solid Infortrend Storage Provides Cogito Group with Excellent VDI Performance and Stability


Cogito Group Pty Ltd.

  • Poor performance
  • Complex deployment and management
  • Meet new project needs

Infortrend EonStor DS 4016RU with SSD Cache and FC 16Gb/s interface:

  • Using 3 SAS SSDs, 13 SAS HDDs, and enabling SSD Cache to optimize performance and investment.
  • Centralized management with the user-friendly SANWatch user interface.
  • Proven compatibility with virtualization hypervisors.

Rock Solid Infortrend Storage Provides Cogito Group with Excellent VDI Performance and Stability

“Infortrend SAN has been rock solid and reliable, we have not had any issues with outages in our datacenter since we implemented Infortrend storage.” – Richard Brown – CEO of Cogito Group Pty Ltd.


Today’s cyber security threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. Australia-based digital security service provider Cogito is dedicated to provide organizations with digital security and data protection solutions. In order to efficiently provide more reliable solutions to its customers while reducing operating costs, the digital security expert was looking for a new storage solution to operate several virtual machines for critical applications and a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for approximately 130 in-house staff with the following requirements:

Solution: EonStor DS 4016RU

After casting its eye over several storage vendors, Cogito decided to adopt EonStor DS 4016RU with SSD Cache solution in its IT environment. DS 4000 solutions speed up the deployment of infrastructure and critical applications while boosting performance, reducing costs and complexity. The front-end virtual server farm is connected to production storage DS 4000U via 16Gb/s FC switches and runs general-purpose applications with support for 130 desktop users. As a production storage, DS 4000U with a configuration of 3 SAS SSDs, 13 SAS HDDs, and enabled SSD Cache stores all critical data and desktop OS images. The purpose of this design is to offer a complete solution in terms of speed, flexibility, and ease of management. The system architecture is shown in the diagram below:

Cogito Group

Why Choose EonStor DS 4000RU:

1. High Performance with a Competitive Price

I/O workload may vary significantly during VDI production cycles, and the most important workload to consider is the boot storm, a situation where multiple users attempt to turn on their virtual computers. Compared with other competitors, DS 4000U hybrid flash storage solutions offer better performance and are more cost effective. By leveraging SSD Cache, DS 4000U would intelligently and automatically move a copy of the frequently access data (such as OS boot images) from HDDs to SSD Cache to dramatically reduce computer boot time.

2. Easy Storage Management

With the constant evolution of storage platforms, EonStor DS assists customers to improve storage management efficiency by adopting the SANWatch management software. Its multi-feature interface design allows central management of multiple systems for IT personnel to monitor performance and capacity usage, and complete all related system configurations.

3. Easy to Integrate in a Virtualized Environment

The EonStor DS has been designed to seamlessly integrate with a virtualization environment, including VMware, Hyper-V, and Citrix. Furthermore, DS solutions also integrate with key VMware vSphere features and APIs, including vCenter Site Recovery Manager, vSphere API for Storage Awareness, and VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration, so that users can enjoy optimal resource efficiency, application productivity, operational resilience, and management simplicity.

  • Excellent price-performance
  • Simple and centralized storage management
  • Compatible with various virtualization hypervisors
About Cogito Group Pty Ltd.

Cogito Group is an award winning Australian owned and operated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) company specialising in authentication, cloud security, identity management and data protection. They are digital security experts and specialists, providing innovative cyber security solutions to secure data, control physical and logical access, manage cloud based data and protect infrastructures.

For more details, please visit: http://cogitogroup.net