Infortrend provides service and support to meet a wide range of business requirements. Infortrend’s service and support cover installation, 24x7 technical support, hardware warranty, software maintenance, and on-site support service to ensure the success of every Infortrend customer.


Main service and support areas include the following:

Installation Service

Infortrend offers professional on-site configuration and implementation of ESVA systems.

Maintenance and Support Services

Infortrend offers a simple approach to maintenance services for ESVA hardware, software, and any optional ESVA software products you purchase.

On-site Service

Infortrend offers on-site support for ESVA parts replacement and troubleshooting. Response time for service requests can be as shorts as four hours.


If you require service and support for ESVA systems, please contact the Infortrend support teams in your region:

  Phone Support Email Support Online Support
Asia Pacific
  1. China: 800-829-8678
  2. Other countries: Please contact your service provider
  1. China:
  2. Other countries: Please contact your service provider
ESVA Support
Canada and US
  1. 1- 888-988-ESVA (888-988-3782)
  1. UK: 0800-446116
  2. France: 0805-980-037
  3. Germany: 0800-664-8248
  4. Austria: 0800-901-085
  1. UK:
  2. France:
  4. Austria:
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