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Meet Our Latest Innovations at Our Booth

We're thrilled to unveil our newest cutting-edge storage solutions tailored for the media and entertainment industry. From high-performance storage for 4K/8K post-production to seamless data backup, our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of media professionals, offering a perfect balance of capabilities and cost-effectiveness. Explore our offerings and join us at our booth to experience our latest innovations firsthand!

U.2 NVMe Hybrid Flash Storage
EonStor GS 5024UE

U.2 NVMe Hybrid Flash Storage

Powered by the new 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor, GS 5024UE delivers ultimate performance gains.

U.2 NVMe Hybrid Flash Storage
EonStor GS 4048U

U.2 NVMe Hybrid Flash Storage

With revolutionary 4U 48-bay design, GS 4048U breaks through the common capacity limitations of NVMe SSD storage solutions.

SAS HDD Storage
EonStor GS 3090 G3

SAS HDD Storage

Featuring high-density 4U 90-bay design, GS 3090 G3 provides up to 1.8 PB in a single appliance with amazing throughput performance.

Backup Appliance
EonStor GS

Backup Appliance

Leverage EonStor GS as a backup appliance with a dedicated backup management interface to achieve easy and cost-saving backup.

Parallel File Storage
EonStor GSx

Parallel File Storage

With its parallel data access capability, EonStor GSx delivers performance of multiple units combined, without the need for additional parallel file system software.

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Live Demo Schedule

April 14 - April 17
9AM – 2PM 4K Media Editing File Sharing with EonStor GS 4024U
2PM – 4PM 4K Media Editing using DavinVi Resolve with EonStor GS 4048U

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