Robust Performance Ability and System Stability for clinic-grade patient care

To handle fast-growing HIS (hospital information system), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and EHR/EMR (Electronic Health/Medical Record) data, Infortrend storage solutions offer responsive access and 24/7 data protection to deliver high-quality medical services efficiently.

Superior Performance and Capacity for PACS/HIS Storage (EonStor DS 4000)
  • Doctors and patients can access critical medical images immediately
  • Supports maximum 6000 VDI for doctors and nursing staffs to access systems via virtual desktops on the move
  • Extensive data capacity up to 4PB with 444 drives for EHR and EMR

Productivity-Increased Data Storage for EHR/EMR (EonStor GS 3000)
  • Extensive data capacity of 9PB with 900 drives
  • Cloud-integrated to expand capacity
  • Exceptional high read and write performance suitable for EHR and EMR at peak time

High Availability 24/7 Data Protection
Recommended Products
EonStor GS 3000 Series
  • Unified Storage - integrating SAN/NAS and hybrid cloud
  • Delivers 450K IOPS and 11,000MB/s block bandwidth and 6,600MB/s CIFS bandwidth
  • Support massive data capacity up to 9PB with 900 drives
EonStor DS 4000 Series
  • Industry-leading price per performance in SAN environment
  • Delivers 750K IOPS and 11,000MB/s throughput
  • Support extensive data capacity up to 4PB with 444 drives
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