GSe 2000

EonStor GSe

Great value unified storage solution with powerful performance, wide scalability, and enterprise data services

Based on vastly improved hardware and firmware, the EonStor GSe 2000 Series with 12 GB/s drive interface can handle file level protocols including CIFS/SMB, NFS, AFP, and FTP; block level protocols such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and SAS; and object level protocols, which let the users access files directly via browsers through the files’ unique URL and extend or backup data to cloud. It can also be used as a backup drive in disk-to-disk-to-cloud (D2D2C), turning the cloud into an easily accessible and useful element in today’s data protection.


Why EonStor GSe 2000?

  1. Unified storage providing file, block and object storage
  2. Excellent performance with 64GB RAM
  3. Supports SAS, NL-SAS, SATA HDDs
  4. Supports All-flash and hybrid configurations
  5. Ample data capacity expansion of up to 436 drives
  6. Comprehensive data protection, including various data services, Self-Encrypting Drive (SED), and BBU/Super Capacitor + flash
  7. Optional cloud-integration for easy expansion
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