At Infortrend, we take our channel partner relationships seriously and are committed to working with you to ensure success. Infortrend is 100% focused on the channel.

As an Infortrend partner, you are able to provide robust and trustworthy storage solutions to your customers, helping them simplify, protect and optimize their storage infrastructures, reduce total cost of ownership and realize a rapid return on their investment.


Why Partner with Infortrend

  • Commitment to Channel: Our policy is clear - we only do business through our channel partners.
  • Profitability: we believe one of the most important elements of channel business is to provide a good level of profitability for your business as a reward for your commitment to Infortrend.
  • Comprehensive support: Infortrend's experts provide you with comprehensive support from your first initial business meeting with your customers to post-sales service and technical support.
  • Innovative Technology: Infortrend believes in continual development and innovation. We make a significant investment in our R&D to ensure you can meet the demands of your customers by providing them with advanced storage technologies.
  • Opportunity registration for extended discounts and project protection.
  • Product and sales training, plus competitive analysis & Q&A's.
  • Dedicated live and online technical support.
  • Access to pre-qualified sales leads.
  • Opportunities to attend and utilize our free webinars.
  • Access to top sales tools, success stories and reviews from top rated publications.


Partner Portal:


Infortrend Partners


How to become an Infortrend partner

To join Infortrend as a business partner, please contact Infortrend sales representatives.

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