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고도로 통합된 싱글과 듀얼 프로세서의 스토리지 서버

Enterprise-class High Availability SAN Storage - EonServ

EonServ is an integrated storage server solution exclusively designed for enterprises, providing complete storage protection (RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6) with an easy-to-use management software to effectively lower deployment costs and maintain complexity. Its hardware design features 2U 12-bay or 3U 16-bay form factors, with SAS support for JBOD storage expansion of up to 436 disks. Furthermore, EonServ models adopt a cableless design to prevent system abnormalities caused by poor connection or cable wear to effectively lower maintenance costs, perfectly integrating storage and server into one device. The whole product line is fast, flexible, and reliable, so that you can find the perfect storage device according to your performance or budget needs.

High Performance Enterprise Storage Server

The EonServ 5000 Gen2 is an enterprise storage server solution with 8th Generation Intel® Core i3/Xeon E processor and 12Gb/s SAS interface for supporting hundreds of recording cameras in enterprise surveillance applications. With 2U 12-bay/ 3U 16-bay design plus 4U 60-bay high-density expansion enclosure JB 360L, EonServ 5000 Gen2 can support maximum 436*SATA/NL-SAS HDD, more than 7PB capacity for the purpose of long-term camera data retention. All the hardware components have modular design for easy replacement and an intuitive UI management software SANWatch that helps administrator easily monitor and manage multiple EonServ 5000 Gen2 from one central interface. Disks are protected by Infortrend RAID technology, so that users can rest assured that their stored data is safe from accidental or mechanical errors. EonServ 5000 Gen2 offers performance and massive expandability to meet the needs of future data growth for enterprises.

제품 특징

SANWatch—사용하기 쉬운 스토리지 관리 인터페이스

스토리지 플랫폼이 끊임없이 진화함에 따라 EonServ는 SANWatch 관리 소프트웨어를 채택하여 고객들이 스토리지와 서비스 효율을 향상시키도록 지원합니다. 다기능 인터페이스 설계로 여러 시스템을 중앙에서 관리함으로써IT 담당자가 성능과 용량 사용을 모니터하고 관련된 모든 시스템 설정을 할 수 있습니다.

SANWatch - an Easy-to-use Interface for Storage Management

모듈 타입 설계

전원공급장치, 팬부터 컨트롤러까지 Infortrend의 모든 제품은 모듈 타입 설계를 적용하여 유지보수의 복잡성을 줄이고 신속, 정확한 기술지원과 RMA 서비스를 제공합니다.

Modular Design

최적화된 서버 스토리지 설계

엔터프라이즈 애플리케이션과 관련하여 앞으로 서버와 스토리지 의 통합이 주요 트렌드가 될 것입니다. Infortrend의 EonServ 포괄적 솔루션은 서버와 스토리지 용량을 동시에 관리하면서 스토리지 보호 (RAID1, RAID5, RAID6) 와 운영시스템의 데이터를 처리하여 효율적으로 구성 비용을 낮추고 유지보수의 복잡성을 줄입니다.

Optimized Server Storage Design
Use Case

Video Surveillance

The EonServ 5000 series is an enterprise-level converged infrastructure, equipped with the 8th generation Intel® Core i3/Xeon E processor and 12Gb/s SAS interface, which can process video data from hundreds of cameras in an enterprise video surveillance system. With 4U 60 bays expansion enclosures JB 360L, EonServ 5000 models can provide up to 7PB capacity for long-term video data retention.

  • High Performance: With a high-performance processor and Milestone XProtect software certification, EonServ 5000 enables powerful video surveillance.
  • High Scalability: Expandable to 436 hard drives and 7PB capacity, EonServ 5000 satisfies enterprises’ needs on long-term video data retention.
  • Complete Data Protection: EonServ 5000 comes with multiple RAID protection levels to ensure data integrity against hard drive failure.
  • Converged Infrastructure: Converged infrastructure has computing and data storage integrated to reduce configuration costs and operation effort.
Use Case - Video Surveillance

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