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Point-in-time, Space-saving Copies

Snapshot functions provide instant point-in-time copies of data that similar to complete backups without consuming equivalent disk space. Snapshots are ideal for various applications including backup, testing or development, information analysis and data mining. Snapshot image is taken without disrupting online applications. Data changes will be copied to the snapshot volume when new writes occur. Infortrend's snapshot prevents from accidental modifications, deletions and corruptions with minimal capacity requirements and performance overhead. By accessing a snapshot copy, users can immediately restore system from data disruption.

Space-saving, point-in-time, copy-on-write Methodology

  • Immediately use disk-based full data copies to support applications when source data volume fails.
  • Split and re-sync mirroring between source and copy as business needs require.
  • Up to 4096 snapshots per system with advanced license (Default: 128 snapshots/per system).
  • Minimal manual intervention is required to perform data protection with SANWatch/EonOne scheduling function.

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