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Robust Data Protection and Backup

Replication capability allows users to create full data copies across storage systems or within a single storage system in synchronous or asynchronous mode. If the source data fails due to system malfunctions or disasters, users can leverage the disk-based remote copy to restart services in a few minutes. If the source needs to resume its role, it can quickly be synced with the remote copy while adjusting only for differences.

Synchronous Volume Mirror

Synchronous volume mirror requires higher network bandwidth and is suitable for critical data. The host will write data to both the source and target simultaneously before an acknowledgement is sent back to the host.

Asynchronous Volume Mirror

Asynchronous volume mirror is suitable for archived data. The host I/O will be allocated to the source only. The data written into the source is not replicated to the target immediately but will be replicated at replication pair creation. The primary site will send an acknowledgement back to the host right after saving. Asynchronous volume mirror will cause less impact on I/O latency than synchronous volume mirror.

Volume Copy

Volume copy is used for application development. The source will be copied to the target once, and any changes to the source later will not be applied to the target. Users can use the copied target immediately.

Robust Data Protection and Backup

  • Immediately use disk-based full data copies to support applications when source data volume fails.
  • Restore files and roll back data in seconds.
  • Take advantage of scheduling and capacity control mechanisms.
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