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SSD 캐시


SSD cache leverages the high speed and low latency of SSDs in delivering faster read performance while accessing vital data under high frequency and demand. The feature helps users to meet with high I/O loads and storage capacity requirements while dramatically boosting performance. SSD cache presents advantages in read traffic-intensive environments such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and email (Microsoft Exchange).

What is SSD Cache?

Cache is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for the data can be served more efficiently. It is fundamental to storage, especially for read-intensive applications. Because the capacity of controller memory cache is limited, SSD cache allows fast SSD to be used to extend the cache pool capacity of storage systems and store frequently accessed data. With increased capacity of SSD cache, more hot data can be stored in the SSD cache so future requests for the data can be served more efficiently and the read performance is dramatically enhanced.

SSD Cache

  • Increased read performance with less response time for read-intensive data.
  • Up to 16 times faster than systems without SSD cache and further reduces response time by as much as 88% in test.
  • Larger capacity cache pools 3.2TB with max. 8 SSDs in one storage system.
  • Simple set up with little effort or training with SANWatch/EonOne management tool.
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