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Smarter RAID 6 Drive Clone/ Replace, Data Recovery, and Media Scan

Infortrend IDR offers superior RAID protection and recovery, increasing integrity and system efficiency while preventing your data from errors and loss. Working best in RAID 6, IDR uses spare drives for cloning and replacing data. IDR clones faulty drives and is capable for recovering bad sectors or blocks automatically in the background without interrupting the current work processes. Together with HDD S.M.A.R.T (self monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology), IDR offers smart media scan, which detects errors before they actually become a problem. It takes into account I/O demand while avoiding performance degradation and can also be scheduled manually or set to automatic mode.

Smarter RAID 6 Drive Clone/ Replace, Data Recovery, and Media ScanRAID 6 systems store two parity and error correction information sets which provide more powerful data protection

  • Intelligent media scan mechanism automatically recovers bad sectors, extends drive life, and prevents rebuild.
  • Drive cloning replaces the time-costing rebuild process without performance impact.
  • Prevents hidden errors that go unchecked and automatically recovers at-risk data.
  • Media scan settings include manual and automatic modes to suit your needs: run scans after business hours to prevent impact on work, and schedule regular checks to maintain constant protection.

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