Government & Public Sector

With limited IT budgets, many government agencies have to compromise on their storage deployments for low cost. This often results in storage environments characterized by low utilization, poor protection, and complicated management. In the long term, wasted resources defeat the original purpose of controlling cost.

Infortrend bases its storage solutions on flexible, easy-to-manage and high-availability platforms to achieve significant cost savings with IT efficiency. Infortrend storage systems are the ideal solution for government organizations to leverage their information assets and meet growing data demand.

Infortrend Advantages
High-availability redundant design
High-availability redundant design
Minimizes service disruptions caused by natural disasters or human errors
Centralize storage management
Centralize storage management
Increase storage allocation flexibility, and maximize utilization
High-density form factors
High-density form factors
Optimize data center footprint and raise energy efficiency
Cloud  connectivity
Cloud connectivity
Future-proof capacity expansion and backup via cloud
Expand as you grow
Expand as you grow
Upgrade capacity and performance with variety of expansion options

Streamline Government File Sharing and Backup

EonStor GS and GSe Pro Families are versatile Unified Storage solutions that can easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure. Sharing files via CIFS/NFS/AFP/FTP protocols via high speed Ethernet (40 GbE/25 GbE*/10 GbE) streamlines IT deployment to link all departments. PB-level expansion capability with expansion enclosure meets demand for the data growth of the present and future. EonStor GS and GSe Pro Family are the ideal file sharing and backup storage solution for the Government and Public Sector institutions.

  • Streamline file sharing via CIFS/NFS/AFP/FTP protocol support
  • Support high speed Ethernet 40 GbE /25 GbE / 10 GbE host board optopns
*25GbE is currently available for GS model only
Data Storage
  • Support PB-level capacity
  • High density expansion enclosure to save physical space
  • Support SAS/SATA and SSD/HDD drive options for both performance and budgetary considerations
  • Intelligent Drive Recovery (IDR) to prevent data loss
  • Remove replication/Rsync for disaster recovery

Hybrid Cloud Storage for Government Institutions and Agencies

Government agencies now deploy more technologies as part of a new Smart City or IoT initiatives, such as air-quality sensors or surveillance cameras. All that data needs to be stored somewhere. Simultaneously, the agencies are trying to consolidate and optimize their data centers. The cloud can help on both of those fronts. EonStor GSc Hybrid Cloud Storage Appliance is designed for the Government to streamline cloud deployment.

  • Maintaining compatibility with the existing IT environment and offers cloud data access to both file and block-level using common protocols
  • Fully customizable storage policies for the local and cloud storage on a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Speed-up cloud access by designating the local storage as cache
  • Enables local data to take periodic snapshots to the cloud for remote backup
  • Full encryption for cloud storage and network transfer, supports AES-256 encryption and self-encrypting drives (SED) to protect from malicious attacks and prevent data leak of the confidential government data
Hybrid Cloud Storage

Customer Success Stories
Peng’an People’s Government
  • Rapid growth of data requires replacement of old storage device for a new one.
  • Requires a running system with no down time.
  • Non-confidential data needs to be deployed to the cloud as per government policies.
The Office of Gwanak-Gu, second most populated district of Seoul
  • Limited rack space
  • Storage bay connection cable complexity
  • Reliable data store in virtualization
  • Support for 24/7 non-stop surveillance operation


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