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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Providing lower total long-term costs, simplifying management and enhancing the versatility of deployment

Most businesses consists of a variety of professional talents, such as sales, marketing, finance, call center workers, etc. Therefore, how the business make use of the computing resource effectively will be crucial.

Infortrend storage systems meet these demands by providing compelling performance and flexible scalability. Thus, the systems are able to support extensive virtualization and sustain heavier workload demands during peak activity times while providing customers with the highest possible ROI.

Cost-Effective & Outstanding Performance
Cost-Effective & Outstanding Performance
  • Unprecedented and stable IOPS performance for intensive workloads and solving boot storms
  • Max. read performance : 700K IOPS with less than 0.5ms response time
  • Support SSD Cache and Automated Storage Tiering features that integrate software and hardware to improve overall performance and reduce $/GB
Scalability & Resiliency
  • EonStor DS/GS and All-flash solution consolidate SAN and NAS in a single system to provide easy folder sharing and better data protection for all VDI users, thus simplify the VDI deployment
  • Support massive data capacity up to 9PB with 900 drives through the 2U-25/4U-60 bay high-density model to reduce physical space and energy consumption
  • VMware, Windows Hyper-V and Citrix ready
Scalability & Resiliency
High Availability & Reliability
High Availability & Reliability
  • Support block-level and SMB 3.0 continuous failover to prevent unexpected downtime
  • Redundant controllers and components for high availability and easy maintenance
  • Support Remote Replication and vCenter Site Recovery Manager (SRM) to ensure the data integrity and availability
Recommended Products
EonStor GS 3025A
  • Lightning speed at more than 700K IOPS and less than 0.5 ms response time for mission-critical applications and boot storm solution
  • Support functions of various protocols and separate OS and user data management which greatly reduces overall management of the deployment
  • Support up to 3,500 power user*1:
    Storage Cost as low as $20/Desktop
EonStor GS 3025A
  • Hybrid Unified Storage - Integrate and simplify VDI (SAN) and file sharing (NAS) deployments, leading a cost-effective solution
  • Delivers outstanding performance with block-level 450K IOPS*2 for solving boot storm issues
  • Support massive data capacity up to 9PB with 900 drives, providing solutions to meet capacity requirements
  • Support up to 2,000 power user*1
EonStor DS 4000 series
  • Performance-driven VDI data storage for SAN deployment
  • Ultra high and stable 750K block-level IOPS*2 for solving performance bottlenecks
  • Support massive data capacity up to 4PB with 444 drives
  • Support up to 2,500 power user*1

*1 Power user (heavy): Compute-intensive applications and high performance requirements

*2 Performance without considering response time

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