Capacity Calculator

Capacity Calculator

Infortrend's Capacity Calculator allows you to find out the recommended solution based from your capacity requirement and the type of Infortrend storage. This tool lets you create a storage combination with your desired system requirements and gives you the perfect solution, complete with storage assembly details such as total number of drives, usable capacity, and additional usable capacity.

To get an estimate for your project, follow the steps below.

Capacity Requirement
Required Usable Capacity
Storage Selector
1. 解決方案
2. 高可用性
3. Form Factor
4. Model Selection
5. RAID Type
6. Disk Type
7. Disk Capacity
Required Drive Number:{{vm.result.totalDriveNumber}}
全部可用容量:{{ vm.result.totalUsableCapacity}} TB
Additional Usable Capacity:{{vm.result.additionalUsableCapacity}} TB
** It's recommended to adjust drive capacity to get the most efficient configuration


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