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Success Stories

Biotech Portrai Adopts Infortrend Storage for AI Data Analysis to Enhance Drug Effectiveness


Portrai Inc., South Korea

  • Insufficient storage capacity to store massive amounts of data analysed by AI
  • High cost of cloud storage solutions
  • Massive amounts of data made data sorting and management complex
  • Data must be well-protected and preserved

EonStor GS 3024 G3 unified storage and JB 3060L, loaded with eighty-four 18TB SAS drives

  • High storage capacity to store growing data for pharmaceutical drug development
  • Read/write performance to meet the needs for AI analytical data
  • High availability with redundant controller design
  • Intuitive and efficient data management

Biotech Portrai Adopts Infortrend Storage for AI Data Analysis to Enhance Drug Effectiveness

“In the course of pharmaceutical drug development, Spatial Transcriptomics and AI analysis generate massive amounts of data. Infortrend offers storage stability and capacity, coupled with its reasonable pricing, so we are extremely satisfied with Infortrend’s storage solution,” said Daeseung Lee, CEO of Portrai Inc.
Daeseung Lee, CEO of Fortray

Founded in 2021, Portrai is an AI biotech startup that specializes in utilizing a cutting-edge RNA analysis technology called "Spatial Transcriptomics" to bring innovations to drug development and to study novel targets and disease-related biomarkers. Portrai is led by its founder, Lee Daeseung, a medical doctor by profession, who collaborated with his alumni from Seoul National University. At the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference held in March of this year, Portrai was introduced to their unique combination of AI and Spatial Transcriptomics expertise. The biotech startup aims to implement this technology to revolutionize pharmaceutical drug development and contribute to improving global health. For this purpose, they needed a data storage capable of storing and processing the research data.


  • Insufficient storage capacity. Their analysis is based on images, and an image analysis of a 1cm2 area can generate up to 1TB of analytical data
  • Massive data sets made data sorting and management complex
  • Cloud storage solution is hindered by internet throughput speed and expensive enterprise-grade monthly subscription fees
  • Data must be well-protected and preserved, as data loss would negatively affect the business

Solution: EonStor GS 3024 G3

Portrai chose EonStor GS 3024 G3 unified storage to complement their RNA analysis – Spatial Transcriptomics. With the AI analysis technology generating a data size ranging from 10GB to 1TB for an image sized 1cm2, Infortrend’s GS 3024 G3 and JB 3060L (84 pcs x 18TB NL-SAS fully loaded) tackled the demand for data storage with ease, providing up to 1.2PB of available storage. The storage solution also provided redundant controller design minimizing downtime, data replication/mirroring for backup, future scalability for the ever-growing data, and efficient management with an intuitive browser-based user interface, EonOne.

Why Infortrend

  • A recognized vendor in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
  • High capacity to store data continuously generated by AI computation at a reasonable price
  • Reputation for system stability and satisfying performance requirements
  • Good customer service and technical support
About Portrai

Portrai is a biotech startup transforming the drug development process using spatial transcriptomics. Portrai’s platforms introduce innovative approaches to pharmaceutical drug development and enable the study of novel targets and disease-related biomarkers. For more information, please visit the company website at: https://portrai.io/